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Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Try Plant-Based Diet
The Hollywood funnyman's wife Christine Taylor recently opened up about their decision to go vegan.
Gettin’ Down With The Sexy Vegan
Author Brian Patton fills us in on his new book, dealing with haters, and why veganism is so dang sexy.
Domino's Rejects Proposal to Ban Gestation Crates
The pizza mega-chain has dismissed attempts to convince the company not to support use of the cruel crates.
Study: Health Food Not More Expensive Than Junk Food
Recent research shows that healthful groceries can be just as affordable as their fatty, salty counterparts.
All-Encompassing Study Reveals Decline in Meat Consumption
Research shows that the number of animals being killed for food in America has waned since the year 2000.
Meredith Vieira Goes Vegan, Cites Ethical Stance
The former Today anchor discussed her plant-based diet during a recent appearance on food show The Chew.
Real Talk With Vegan Is Love's Ruby Roth
The children's book author fills us in on the acclaim and controversy surrounding her recent book.
MFA Activist Speaks About Investigations on RT
Mercy For Animals’ Matt Rice was interviewed on global news network RT to discuss undercover animal-welfare investigations.
Chinese Athletes Going Veg Before Olympics
Due to concerns about drug testing and meat additives, numerous Chinese Olympians are opting to go vegetarian.
NFL Player Deuce Lutui Adopts Vegan Diet
The Seahawks player is adhering to a plant-based diet in efforts to improve his health and combat weight issues.
Safeway to Phase Out Suppliers That Use Gestation Crates
Supermarket-giant Safeway announced earlier this week that it would stop supporting suppliers that use gestation crates.
USDA to Allow Chicken Industry to Self-Regulate
The USDA is laying off 1,000 inspectors to cut costs, effectively deregulating factory-farm conditions.
LA Vegan Beer and Food Festival This Saturday
This weekend, Southern California's finest vegan beer and food vendors will be gathering to celebrate plant-based fare.
Genesis Awards to Air This Saturday on Animal Planet
HSUS' annual award ceremony will be airing as a television special on the popular cable network.
Ellen and Portia's Chef Cooks Vegan for Omnis on Today
Chef to the stars Roberto Martin prepared plant-based fare on the popular morning show to promote his new vegan cookbook.
Cruise Line Launches Extensive All-Vegetarian Menu
Major cruise line Holland America has just unveiled a new all-vegetarian menu with more than 50 options for passengers.
9 Faux Meats That You Have to Try to Believe
These subs go beyond standard seitan into realms of the decadent, delicious, and just plain weird.
Vegan Grilled Cheese Takes Honors at Contest
A dairy-free sandwich was one of the top contenders at the annual Grilled Cheese Invitational.
Vegan Runner Completes Grueling 151-Mile Race
Fiona Oakes has become the first vegan athlete to complete the six-day Marathon des Sables.
Silverstone Launches Organic Vegan Beauty Product Line
Vegan actress Alicia Silverstone is releasing a new line of natural makeup and skin care items.
Falafel Wrap
This savory falafel wrap is the perfect choice for a quick, wholesome lunch on the go.
Barton and Johansson Embrace Vegan Food to Get Healthy
Hollywood “It girls” Mischa Barton and Scarlett Johansson have recently embraced plant-based cuisine.
Mercy For Animals to Honor Emily Deschanel
Mercy For Animals will be recognizing Emily Deschanel's work in farm-animal protection at a special event in Los Angeles.
Whole Foods Discontinues Sale of Unsustainable Fish
Starting this week, Whole Foods Market will no longer sell nine types of fish that are unsustainable or endangered.
Mad Cow Case Found in California, Says USDA
The USDA announced yesterday that it had confirmed a case of mad cow disease in Central California.
The 11 Best Dishes in LA's Hottest Veg-Friendly Neighborhood
Silverlake, one of Los Angeles' most hip 'hoods, is home to some of the best vegan eats in the West.
New Children's Book Helps Kids Understand Veganism
A soon-to-be-released book aims to educate children about the benefits of living a compassionate lifestyle.
Remembering John Hoyt, HSUS President of 27 Years
Earlier this week, activist John Hoyt passed away, leaving behind a strong animal-protection legacy at HSUS.
Russell Simmons and Assistant Discuss Distaste for Dairy
The hip-hop mogul and his right-hand woman both recently penned articles about the negative side of dairy.
Activists Urge Kim Kardashian to Lose Fur
Protesters hope to convince reality-television star Kim Kardashian to stop wearing and selling fur.
Progressive Parenting with Actress Mayim Bialik
The brainy star of The Big Bang Theory shares insight on staying sane, happy, and healthy as a modern vegan mom.
Anti-Factory Farming Group Enters Ad Space Contest
A Bay Area animal advocacy group hopes to win valuable ad space and expand a Mercy For Animals campaign.
Connecticut High School Goes Vegan for a Day
Connecticut vegan eatery G-Zen offered local public high school students a day of gourmet plant-based meals.
MFA Video Reveals Brutal Truths About Backyard Slaughter
Mercy For Animals has found repeated incidents of extreme cruelty in the practice of backyard livestock raising.
Kathy Freston Offers Nutrition Knowledge on The Talk
On Monday, best-selling vegan author Kathy Freston offered healthy-eating advice on CBS' The Talk.
Have Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Gone Vegan?
According to a local Las Vegas journal, Garth Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood have adopted a plant-based diet.
Major University to Exclusively Use Cage-Free Eggs
Due to pressure from a veg group, Boston University's dining programs has agreed to exclusively use cage-free eggs.
Study to Examine Nutritional Decline of Broiler Chickens
Researchers in the US plan to study the nutritional differences between hybrid broilers and heritage chickens.
Ali MacGraw Fights Horse Slaughter Legalization
Actress Ali MacGraw is speaking out against the recent re-legalization of the slaughter of horses for meat.
NY Times Names Top Vegan Brunch Spots in Berlin
A new piece in The New York Times names the best places to grab a veg breakfast in the German metropolis.
Meatless Monday Video by HSUS Wins Telly Award
A public service announcement focused on Meatless Mondays has been declared a winner in the Telly Awards.
Alec Baldwin Met Fiancée at NYC Vegan Restaurant
Recently engaged Alec Baldwin met his bride-to-be at famed New York vegan eatery Pure Food and Wine.
Study Links Junk Food with Risk of Depression
New research suggests that the consumption of fast food and rich baked goods is correlated with depression.
Michael Vick Records Anti-Cruelty Videos for HSUS
Mad Men-Era Recipes Veganized
Celebrate the return of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce with these vegan versions of 1960s-inspired recipes.
PETA Unveils 3-D Factory Farming Simulation Tents
This fall, PETA will be taking an interactive "factory farming experience" to college campuses nationwide.
Need Extra Space on a Plane? Sit Next to a Vegan, PCRM Says
A new tongue-in-cheek television ad from PCRM suggests picking a vegan neighbor on a plane for more elbow room.
Arsenic in Chicken Feed Poisons Groundwater, Study Shows
A recent report has found that the use of arsenic in chicken feed has resulted in arsenic contamination of groundwater.
Starbucks Reformulates Frappuccino Beverages with Bug Dye
Major news outlets such as CBS and ABC have reported widespread consumer concern over the use of insect-based food dyes by coffee giant Starbucks after a recent...
Rise of the Planet of the Apes among Winners at 2012 Genesis Awards
On Saturday, filmmakers and actors mingled with animal-welfare activists and media professionals in honor of the Humane Society of the United States' 26th annual...

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