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9 Vegan Ways to Hack Classic Holiday Pies
Rethink how amazing your traditional pies can be with these tempting toppers that offer a little more pie-zazz.
9 Tips to Rid Yourself of Winter Woes
Don't let winter drain your spirits this year with this how-to guide on toughing out the icy winds.
5 Pancakes for a Cheerfully Decadent Holiday Season
Why deck the halls when you can deck out hotcakes? These festive flapjacks make a perfect holiday meal.
5 Vegan Foods to Beautify Your Hair from the Inside Out
Take your dry, split ends to the kitchen and emerge with long, healthy tresses through these nutritionally charged foods and drinks.
3 Rules for Stellar Homemade Vegan Cheese
Vegan cheesemaking pro Miyoko Schinner shares essential tips for making life-changing vegan cheeses.
Las Vegas Sun Names Must-Visit Vegan Restaurants
The Las Vegas-based newspaper recently listed the six best veg-friendly restaurants in the city.
Martha Stewart Blames Turkey Meat for Illness
The homemaking expert became sick with salmonella last month after handling numerous raw turkeys.
Arby’s Bans Gestation Crates from Supply Chain
The fast food chain announces its decision to eliminate gestation-crate pork.
Collegiate Animal-Based Courses Are Recognized
The 14th annual Animals and Society Course Awards are announced.
New Dutch Law Demands Phase Out of Mink Farms
The Dutch senate just passed a law that requires mink farming to be banned by 2024.
Broccoli: An Alternative Leukemia Treatment?
The Huffington Post discusses the health benefits and cancer-fighting qualities in the cruciferous vegetable.
Lab Chimps Retire to Chimp Haven Sanctuary
The animal-welfare organization applauds New Iberia Research Center for sending chimps to a humane sanctuary.
Record Number of Pet Stores Against Puppy Mills
The Humane Society of the United States announces that more than 2,000 pet stores are anti-puppy mills.
25 Fabulous Gifts Under $25
Are you not a Scrooge, but also not into splurging? Check out this handy list of cruelty-free, wallet-friendly gifts for everyone on your list.
Kathy Freston Shares How Veganism Beats Cancer
Author and activist Freston writes about recently published studies that show vegans are less likely to develop cancer.
Animals Australia Debuts Meat-Free Monday Video
The Australian animal-welfare organization releases an inspiring video urging for others to forgo meat.
The Huffington Post Lists Healthiest US States
Rankings for the most health-conscious states are announced.
PCRM Encourages Schools to Ban Processed Meat
The plant-based health-conscious organization advocates for schools to forgo processed meats from their cafeterias.
Ellen DeGeneres Makes December A No-Kill Month
The funnywoman and animal activist asks Twitter followers to join the No-Kill December campaign.
Health and Wellness Seminar Begins in 2013
A three-day seminar begins in Garden City, NY that discusses holistic plant-based living.
Vegan Sitcom Needs Donations for Production
New TV series about a single vegan woman needs funding.
The Penny Pinchers and Big Spenders Guide to Vegan Giving
Whether you are on a tight budget this holiday season or your riches are stacked, the right cruelty-free gift is simple to find.
Modern Technology May Decrease Meat Consumption
Bloomberg Businessweek reports on in-vitro meat and how the future of technology could change the way people eat.
Produce Intake Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer
Micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables were found to cut chances of developing breast cancer.
Mohawk Bend and Local Author Create Veg Menu
Vegan-friendly restaurant and Pure Vegan author join forces to create a Meatless Monday menu.
Vegan Chocolatier Wins on the Food Network
Josh Rosen of Charm School Chocolates wins the Food Network’s holiday special Sweet Genius.
Royal Caribbean Eliminates Gestation-Crate Pork
The popular cruise company announces its decision to ban gestation crate-pork from its supply chain.
Consumption of Fish May Minimize Brainpower
Three recent reports support the hypothesis that seafood consumption hinders brain development.
McCartney Asks UN to Adopt Meat-Free Policy
Legendary musician and vegetarian Paul McCartney writes a letter to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change on the environmental impact of livestock.
TPP Currently Accepting $1,000 Grant Applications
The Pollination Project is handing out grants to individuals with a plan to better their communities and the world.
British Demand CCTVs Inside Slaughterhouses
A UK-based poll reveals that majority of citizens think closed-circuit TVs should be installed in slaughterhouses.
Steve-O Narrates Film Created by Farm Sanctuary
The former Jackass star joins forces with Farm Sanctuary to raise awareness about factory farms.
Former NBA Champion Advocates the Vegan Lifestyle
Basketball star John Salley tells the LA Times why veganism has changed his life.
Rookie Vegan Chaka Khan Goes Off Medication
After ditching meat and dairy, singer Chaka Khan says she has also ditched her diabetes medication.
Bethenny Frankel’s Toddler Chooses Vegetarianism
The famous TV personality and businesswoman discusses her daughter’s meat-free diet.
Dog Delivers Water and Food to New Yorkers in Need
A rescue dog carries water and food to Hurricane Sandy-affected New York residents.
Lifelong Vegetarian Fathers a Child at 96
A meat-free Indian resident is possibly the oldest man to father a child.
Food Banks Making Strides Toward Healthier Foods
Recent changes are being made to food banks in order to make them more produce-heavy and nourishing.
The Oregonian’s Blog Recommends Vegan Cookbooks
The Oregon-based news publication’s blog lists the best 2012 vegan cookbooks to buy for the holidays.
Family Meals Get Better Ratings With Vegetables
The Huffington Post reports that a new study shows meals get the popular vote if they contain fresh produce.
Most Health-Conscious American Airports Announced
PCRM lists 2012’s healthiest and most veg-conscious airports in the country.
More Breweries Going Vegan and Gluten-Free
In recent years, beer makers have been experimenting with animal- and allergy-friendly beers.
Tick Bite Causes Severe Red Meat Allergies
The Lone Star tick bites create an allergic reaction and resistance to a carbohydrate found in red meat.
ABC Dishes on Vegetarian-Friendly Side Dishes
The news network discusses the importance of providing meat- and dairy-free options to Thanksgiving guests.
New York Times Veg Thanksgiving Series Returns
The popular news outlet shares recipes and tips for a meat-free Thanksgiving meal.
Tofurky Sells 3 Million Thanksgiving Roasts
International meat-free company Tofurky reaches milestone sales.
Actress Shannon Elizabeth Says No to Turkey
The American Pie actress is now Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt A Turkey Project spokesperson.
Meat Consumption Hinders Women’s Fertility
A new study reveals that certain chemicals found in meat reduce likelihood of becoming pregnant.
HSUS Campaigns for the Fill the Bowl Project
The animal-welfare organization asks others to consider companion animals in need when donating to the hungry.
Chicago Vegan Chef Showdown Declares Champion
After eight chefs competed in the second annual vegan cook-off in the Windy City, the winner has been announced.

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