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San Diego Vegan Co-Op Seeks Online Donations
A soon-to-be all-vegan co-op based in San Diego, CA is looking for support via Kickstarter.
Filmmaker James Cameron Goes Meat- and Dairy-Free
The Avatar creator decides to cut animal products from his diet for the animals and environment.
Scholars Demand Full Disclosure of Animal Testing
Journal of Animal Ethics editors want the public to know the truth about animal testing.
PCRM Argues Salmonella is Not From Peanut Butter
A recent outbreak in contaminated peanut butter worries consumers, but the legumes are not to blame.
Antioxidant-Rich Foods Decrease Heart Attack Risk
A Swedish study says women who consume antioxidant-rich foods have a lowered chance of heart attack.
The Ultimate Midwest Bucket List
Take advantage of the Midwest’s glorious fall to discover its best vegan eats and adventures.
Dax Shepard Says Veganism Makes Him Feel Great
Actor and fiancé to Kristen Bell says that going vegan has enhanced his life.
Bloomberg Wants NYC Hospitals to Get Healthier
NYC’s mayor campaigns to clean up the food served in hospitals.
Moby’s Take on Living Amongst Carnivores in the US
The longtime vegan musician discusses his take on vegans and non-vegans living in harmony.
Vegan Choreographer Premieres Animal-Friendly Dance
Cynthia King’s latest piece represents political, social, and animal-rights issues.
More Than a 100 Chimpanzees Released from Lab
The National Institutes of Health announces it will retire 110 chimpanzees this year.
Diabetes Leads to Higher Risk of Breast Cancer
A new study reveals that diabetic postmenopausal women are more likely to develop breast cancer.
Ian Somerhalder Foundation Receives $100,000
The Ian Somerhalder Foundation recently received $100,000 from Chase Community Giving.
Casey Affleck Narrates PSA on Cow Dehorning
The vegan actor teams up with PETA to educate others on the cruel cow dehorning practice.
Consumer Groups Ask USDA to Ban Tuna from Schools
The Mercury Policy Project hopes school lunchrooms take tuna off the menus to protect students’ health.
Leaping Bunny Joins Forces with GreenCupboards
Cruelty-free cosmetics resource Leaping Bunny partners with online retailer GreenCupboards to sell specially certified products.
US States That Consume More Produce Weigh Less
A new report highlights a connection between produce intake and obesity in the US.
The 11 Best Veggie Burgers in the US
Looking for the best burgers on the map? It’s about to get juicy with this list of top-notch veggie burgers.
Americans Might Become Heavier and Sicker by 2030
If health habits don’t change for America soon, more than half of the nation could be suffering from obesity and chronic diseases, says a new report.
Second Annual Vegan Chef Challenge in Sacramento
For the second year, vegan chefs and restaurants are asked to create inventive and original meat- and dairy-free fare.
Vegan Truck The Cinnamon Snail Wins Vendy Award
The eighth annual Vendy Awards honored the all-vegan food truck on Governors Island in New York City last Saturday.
Australian Demand for Meat-Free Options Rising
The Australian vegetarian community now comprises 10 percent of the population, as consumers seek more veg options at restaurants.
Fran Drescher Adopts Gluten-Free Vegan Diet
The longtime actress cut animal products out of her diet and is reaping the numerous health benefits.
John Bartlett Premieres Spring 2013 Collection
The animal-friendly designer debuted his latest Spring 2013 collection during New York Fashion Week.
Beyond Meat to Expand to More Locations
Beyond Meat announces its expansion to Whole Foods stores outside of Northern California.
Study Shows Fish Oil Has No Effect on Heart Health
A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association disproves the heart health benefits of fish oil supplementation.
Appeal to Close Down Meat Counter at Whole Foods
Texas State University professor asks Whole Foods Market to go meat-free in a petition, which has recently been responded to.
Vegan Pop-Up Comes to LA for Ladies’ Night
Vegan Chef Ayinde Howell is coming to Los Angeles in late September for the first session of his pop-up Wildflower’s “Good Living.”
The China Study Voted Favorite Healthy Living Book
The landmark book, along with other vegan-related favorites, is included in The Huffington Post’s top 50 health and lifestyle books.
PCRM Honors the Healthiest Lunch Programs in the US
The pro-veganism non-profit has announced its Golden Carrot Award winner, runners-up, and honorable mention recipients for 2012.
Bill Clinton’s Appearance Wows Crowd at DNC
Former president Bill Clinton inspired viewers to take a second look at their diets after his speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.
All-Vegan Plum Market Opens at Seattle Center
The Emerald City welcomes a completely vegan food market that has just opened in the city.
Wienerschnitzel Hot Dog Chain Goes Crate-Free
The leading hot-dog chain aims to be crate-free by 2022.
9 Must-Have Vegan Cosmetics Picks
Before you gloss your lips, bronze your cheeks, or darken your lashes, make sure your makeup has a solid (vegan) foundation.
Hurricane Isaac Forces Animals Into Shelters
HSUS is transporting animals from hurricane-devastated areas to shelters in unaffected locations.
Japanese River Otters Officially Become Extinct
The Japanese river otter is the latest mammal to become extinct due to excessive hunting and habitat destruction.
Michelle Obama to Guest Star on The Dr. Oz Show
The first lady will appear on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss her organization’s plans to improve school lunches.
New Anti-Factory Farm Campaign in Subway Stations
The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition won advertisement space in Bart subway stations throughout the Bay Area and will launch the campaign next month.
Plant-Based Compounds Slow Cancer Development
A Washington State University researcher finds plant-based compounds activate genes that reduce the growth of cancer.
Butterball Turkey Plant Worker Sentenced to Jail
Butterball worker Brian Douglas has pled guilty to the animal abuse charges held against him by Mercy For Animals.
Scientists Find Animals Have Conscious Awareness
An international group of scientists has declared that animals are just as cognizant as humans.
Central Valley Meat Federally Approved to Re-Open
After being shut down for just one week, a California slaughterhouse charged with abusive treatment to livestock is approved to re-open.
Paul McCartney Frees Captive Elephant in India
A young abused elephant in India was recently freed thanks to McCartney and a throng of other advocates.
Whole Foods Donates Salad Bars to Schools in NYC
The mega natural foods store hopes to help children eat better by donating salad bars to 57 New York City public schools.
Buyers and Central Valley Meat Co. Sever Ties
After the controversial closing of Central Valley Meat Co., previous buyers of the meat production company are halting their purchases.
Banana Preservative Spray Made from Shellfish
Scientists have introduced a spray derived from shrimp and crab shells that allows bananas to stay fresh for a longer period of time.
Vegan Blogger Wins Bravo’s Cooking Challenge
BitterSweet blogger Hannah Kaminsky wins Around the World in 80 Plates Blogger Cookoff Challenge and was the only vegan in the competition.
Central Valley Beef May Be Unfit for Consumption
USDA investigators are trying to find out whether or not the beef produced by the closed slaughterhouse came from diseased cows.
PCRM Hosts Basketball Game for School Lunches
This fall, PCRM members, celebrities, and the LA school district will participate in a basketball game to advocate for healthy school lunches.
Abuse Video Leads to Shutdown of CA Slaughterhouse
The USDA halts operations of Central Valley Meat Co. after watching an undercover video taken inside the slaughterhouse.

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