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6 Staples and 6 Saving Strategies for Solo Meals
Stocking up on plant-based basics will help save you time and money at the grocery store.
7 Inflammation-Reducing Vegan Food Groups
These foods will have your body humming like a finely tuned machine.
10 Ways to Get a Vegan Education
Take your love of animals, food, and health to the next level by enrolling in a vegan-centric education program.
5 Easy Steps to an Awesome Vegan Campout
Round out your summer with vegan camping essentials to get you from set-up to sunset.
PCRM Launches Vegan Resolution Program for 2013
The preventative medicine organization and famous vegans are teaming up to encourage people to make veganism part of their 2013 resolutions.
Vegan Diet and Lifestyle Books Reign in 2012
Several books about plant-based living ranked in the top five on Amazon best-seller lists this year.
Animal-Rescue Videos Helped Chastain While Filming
The vegan actress said in an interview that watching videos of animal rescues helped get her through filming torture scenes in Zero Dark Thirty.
ASPCA Urges Consumers to Avoid Puppy Mill Dogs
The nonprofit has released a new holiday video encouraging consumers to avoid buying puppy-mill dogs.
Oregon Food Bank Receives 100,000 Vegan Meal Bars
The maker of Gardenburger has donated 100,000 vegan meal bars to the Oregon Food Bank.
Einstein Noah Restaurants Ban Gestation Crates
The bagel-centric restaurant group announced to HSUS that it would eliminate the confining crates from its supply chain by 2017.
ALDF Reveals Ranks of 2012 Animal-Protection Laws
The nonprofit released its seventh annual US Animal Protection Law Rankings Report, examining 56 jurisdictions’ animal-protection laws.
HuffPo Ranks Subway #1 in Food Chain Quality
The online news outlet teamed up with YouGov BrandIndex to see which food chains were top in value and quality.
Australian Animals Tortured at Israeli Facility
New footage released by Anonymous for Animal Rights reveals appalling treatment of Australian animals shipped to slaughter at an Israeli operation.
Cricket Pacer Peter Siddle Credits Vegetarian Diet
The Australian cricket player is defending his plant-based diet after critics blame a slow performance against South Africa on lack of meat intake.
Media Predict Plant-Based Foods “Trending” in 2013
In a recent blog post, nonprofit Mercy For Animals examines multiple media outlets that are predicting how plant-based foods will boom in 2013.
Alicia Silverstone Exposes Down Industry Cruelty
The vegan and animal advocate has teamed with PETA in a new PSA revealing the abusive nature of down manufacturing.
Kansas City Star Report Exposes Dangers of Beef
A yearlong investigation by the newspaper reveals the dangers of industrialized beef processing and its detrimental health hazards to consumers.
Costa Rica Officially Bans Hunting Nationwide
The biodiverse nation is now the first Latin American country to ban hunting for sport.
Milk Industry “in Crisis” Develops New Marketing
As dairy-milk intake continues its decline, industry leaders declare a crisis and plan to market milk as a fitness drink while rejecting alternatives.
5 Festive Winter Mocktails and Cocktails
Whatever your gathering calls for, these winter drinks (with optional boozy additions) will suit all of your guests.
MFA Debuts Undercover Footage at Manitoba Pig Farm
Mercy For Animals Canada recently released disturbing footage of excessive animal cruelty shot at a Manitoba pig farm.
FitSugar Lists Top Vegan Cookbooks to Gift
PopSugar’s health and fitness site recently named the best nine vegan cookbooks to gift this year.
Huffington Post Investigates the Benefits of Fiber
In a recent article, the news website examines the many benefits of a fiber-rich diet.
MFA Helps Tex-Mex Restaurant Create New Vegan Menu
Dallas restaurant and bar Hacienda on Henderson has developed plant-based menu items after receiving multiple requests for vegan tweaks to its menu.
ADLF and Florida Residents Sue Backyard Butchers
Florida residents have joined forces with Animal Legal Defense Fund in an effort to end illegal backyard slaughter operations.
Lush Prizes to “Stamp Out Animal Testing” Awarded
The vegan-friendly cosmetics company recently awarded a prize to 13 recipients actively working to end testing on animals.
Studies Find Garlic and Flax Lower Blood Pressure
Two studies out of Canada and Australia find properties in aged garlic and flaxseed-rich baked goods have the ability to significantly lower blood pressure.
Red Meat Consumption Linked to Lung Cancer
A recent study out of Shanghai finds a correlation between high red meat intake and increased risk of developing lung cancer.
2013 US Meat Production Will Sharply Decline
A recent USDA study predicts less meat will be produced in 2013, while Counting Animals reports a correlating declining interest in meat product intake.
PCRM Finds Buffalo Chicken Contains Fecal Matter
The health organization tested chicken from 10 retail stores in the Buffalo, NY area and found a large majority to be contaminated with E. coli.
Alec Baldwin’s 30 Rock Persona to Insult Carriages
The actor’s TV alter ego Jack Donaghy will blast New York’s hansom cabs in an upcoming episode of the hit show.
Meatless Monday Launches in Australia and Israel
The once-weekly movement continues to grow as both countries embrace meat-free meals on Mondays.
HSI and Dalai Lama Call for Compassion for Animals
His Holiness the Dalai Lama took part in the launch of Humane Society International’s India office and World Compassion Day in India.
PETA Sues Restaurant for Selling Banned Foie Gras
The animal-rights group recently filed a lawsuit against California restaurant Hot’s Kitchen for selling foie gras as a side to one of its burgers.
Study Finds Captive Animals Require Stimulation
A new study from the University of Guelph reveals the importance of activity and mental stimulation to animals in captivity.
Pork Found to House Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
A new Consumer Reports investigation found that pork sold in grocery stores contains harmful bacteria with antibiotic-resistant properties.
CEO Reflects on the State of Animal Cruelty
The Food Revolution Network CEO reports on the status of and the progress being made in the US and abroad.
How to Responsibly Adopt a Companion Animal
Ready to add some fur to your family? Make your new addition as comfortable as can be by following this easy adoption guide.
UN Climate Conference Neglects Impact of Meat
This year’s Framework Convention on Climate Change leaves the environmental impact of meat production noticeably absent from its formal agenda.
“White Slime” Emerges as Newest Consumer Worry
A recent Huffington Post article examines the mounting food safety issues surrounding chicken products.
Men’s Health Suggests Vegan Diet for Better Sex
The men’s health and wellness publication recently endorsed a vegan diet as the best way to boost sexual stamina.
HSUS Reaches Settlement in Animal Abuse Case
The animal-welfare group recently announced a landmark victory in a federal fraud cause against disgraced meat supplier Hallmark Meat Co.
Scientists Discover Ebola Virus Transmitted by Air
Canadian scientists have found that the deadliest form of Ebola virus may be transmitted among different species easily via air.
Book Sales Benefit Symphony Animal Foundation
Online sales of the paperback book Secrets of an Old Typewriter will be donated to no-kill animal facility Symphony Animal Foundation.
MFA Launches Holiday Ad Against Butterball
The animal-welfare group is airing a consumer warning advertisement asking viewers to refrain from buying Butterball turkeys this Thanksgiving.
Tofurky Trot Raises Money for The Cinnamon Snail
Portland’s upcoming Tofurky Trot run will raise money to help fund vegan food truck’s hurricane relief efforts.
ADLF Files Suits Against Foie Gras Industry
Two legal suits against Hudson Valley Foie Gras and the NY Department of Agriculture and Markets allege false advertising and state law violation.
New Video Explores Human-Animal Relationship
Vegan dancer James Koroni and blogger Joshua Katcher debut an artistic video piece shot with rescued animals at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.
US Businesses Ban Canadian Seafood in Seal Protest
More than 6,000 businesses in the US are avoiding the purchase of Canadian seafood in an effort to end the country’s annual seal slaughter.
Ann Taylor and LOFT Discontinue Use of Exotic Skin
Parent company ANN INC. has committed to halt the use of exotic skins in its clothing and accessory lines.

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