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MFA Releases New Undercover Footage at Butterball
Mercy For Animals has just released harrowing footage of workers abusing turkeys at several Butterball operations in North Carolina.
Animal Farmers More Likely to Suffer Nerve Damage
New information from an animal agriculture study reveals livestock and dairy farmers exhibit symptoms of nerve damage.
Harvard Ignores Meatless Monday Majority Vote
The Ivy League University’s dining services have rejected a nearly 70 percent in-favor vote for the school to participate in the Meatless Monday campaign.
Pig Facility Pollution to Blame for Fish Deaths
A pig slaughterhouse is Sioux Center, IA has been revealed as the source of water pollutants responsible for killing thousands of fish.
Meat Eaters to Thank for Rise in Vegetarian Dining
Columbus, OH is gaining new veg ground thanks to curious meat eaters exploring plant-based meals.
PETA Grant Aims to End Animal Testing in China
The animal-rights group has paired with the McGrath Family Foundation to fund in vitro training for scientists in China.
Los Angeles Adopts Meatless Monday Resolution
The City of Angels is encouraging once-weekly plant-powered meals for better health, a cleaner environment, and animal protection.
News Anchor Makes Incredible Vegan Transformation
Portland News Anchor Jeff Peterson adopted a vegan diet for 60 days after watching Forks Over Knives and reveals he’s never turning back.
World’s Longest Married Couple Credit Veg Diet
Karam and Katari Chand reveal the secrets to their 87 year marriage are communication, laughter, and a vegetarian diet.
High Dairy Intake Interferes With Semen Quality
A recent study out of Harvard School of Public Health reveals a high dairy intake results in poor-quality sperm.
White Female Meat Eaters at Risk for Breast Cancer
The Cancer Institute of New Jersey reveals that white women with high meat intake are at higher risk for developing breast cancer.
Living Near Factory Farms Increases Blood Pressure
A new study links air pollution caused by industrial pig farms to higher blood pressure in neighboring residents.
PCRM Reveals Healthiest US School Lunch Programs
Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine reveals which American school lunch programs make the grade.
Eco-Friendly Bar Hosts Vegan Chili Cook Off
Bottle-free bar and restaurant Tony’s Darts Away is hosting its first annual vegan chili cookoff in honor of National Vegan Month.
Zagat Guide Lists Standout Bay Area Vegan Dishes
The restaurant and activity guide listed five standout vegan dishes in the Bay Area to honor World Vegan Day.
Roger Moore Opposes Pig Factory Farm Development
The veteran actor famous for his role as James Bond is speaking out against the construction of a factory farm in England.
Vaute Couture Brings Vegan Luxury to West Coast
The luxury vegan fashion line is bringing its winter collection to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland on a pop-up West Coast tour.
Puma Launches New Eco-Friendly Sports Line
The international sportswear brand is starting its shift away from leather products with the launch of a new earth-friendly line.
UN: Meat Reduction Paramount for Environment
The October UNEP Global Environment Alert Service focuses on the growing amount of greenhouse gas emissions created by worldwide meat production.
Drugs Containing Arsenic Sold to Meat Producers
The FDA’s accidental release of arsenic sales and use reveal more than 1.5 million pounds were sold for animal intake in 2010.
Companion Animals Gain Legal Ground in California
The Court of Appeals has ruled that recovery cost for treatment and care of wrongfully injured animals is worth more than market value.
Report: Global Meat Consumption Growth Slumping
Worldwide meat consumption is slowing due in part to drought, feed prices, and animal disease.
Plant-Based Diets Prevent and Cure Chronic Disease
Science Daily article examines nutritional studies, enforcing the disease-fighting benefits of a plant-based diet.
Russell Simmons to be Honored at MFA Event
A star-studded evening celebrates the vegan business magnate and the animal-welfare organization’s work for animals.
Target Pledges to Eliminate Gestation Crates
The retail giant is the latest to make a cage-free commitment, as consumer awareness of conditions for sows grows.
100 Dairy Farms Expected to Close in California
The country’s largest dairy state has farmers filing for bankruptcy en masse following the crop devastation of this year’s drought.
Survey: Statistics & Top 10 Veg Cities Revealed
New survey results offer insight into the lives of vegetarians and vegans, and lists the top veg-friendly cities in the US.
Raw Vegan Pop-Up in Detroit Looking to Expand
Monthly pop-up Chartreuse is seeking funds on Kickstarter for a lofty expansion into catering, cooking classes, and packaged foods.
California School District Bans Animal Dissection
Thanks to hard work by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, animal dissection will be eliminated in the Newport-Mesa District.
Redman and Method Man Adopt Plant-Based Diets
The hip-hop stars are following in Wu-Tang Clan bandmate GZA’s footsteps by taking up a meat-free diet.
Eating Animals Chosen for College Reading Program
The College of Charleston has selected the non-fiction work for its College Reads! Program, and will be incorporated into academic syllabi and events.
New Online Feature Puts Viewers in Gestation Crate
A new interactive experience places viewers in a virtual gestation crate, revealing the torturous life of a factory-farmed pig.
UK Meat-Free Market Has Grown by 20 Percent
Consumers in the United Kingdom are turning to meat-free products as an answer to health concerns and rising prices of meat.
7 World Series-Worthy Veggie Dogs
These veggie-dog combos will have you anticipating every game of the Fall Classic even if your team loses.
Funding Needed for Vegan Gluten-Free Pasta Sauce
Flourish Foods Company is just shy of its $5,000 goal to produce creamy vegan pasta sauces.
New Landmark Bill May End Canadian Seal Hunt
Candian Sen. Mac Harb has introduced a historic bill, which could bring an end to the country’s cruel annual commercial seal slaughter.
BabyCakes Bakery Launches New Smartphone App
The all-vegan New York City-based bakery’s new app offers recipes, baking tips, and original music.
Vegan and Omni Chefs Face-Off in Foodie Showdown
Vegan chef Karyn Calabrese will battle it out with omni chef Tim Canning in a winner-gives-all competition for charity.
Michael Vick Reveals Ownership of Companion Dog
Convicted of animal cruelty in 2007, the quarterback says his family now has a dog but asserts his commitment to animal welfare.
Colbert Report Studios Go Meat-Free for Morrissey
The musician asked that the show’s studio and green room be free of animal products during his appearance.
Undercover Video Footage Leads to Tail Docking Ban
Upon viewing an undercover video shot by Mercy For Animals, Kraft Foods Inc. is banning the cruel practice of tail docking in its supply chain.
Popularity of Vegan Diet Growing Among Black Men
A recent article on explores the increase in popularity of plant-based diets among black men.
Animal Abuse Revealed at Burger King Facility
A new undercover video released by Mercy For Animals reveals horrific abuse of cows at one of the fast food chain’s dairy suppliers.
Vegan Diet Showcased on The Steve Harvey Show
Vegan author and dietitian Julieanna Hever will mentor one viewer during a three-week weight-loss challenge.
Meatless Mondays Encourage Healthier Eating Habits
A recent poll reveals that participants in the weekly campaign have adopted healthier dietary habits and are more adventurous eaters.
Joy Kingdom Facebook Game Benefits Real Animals
The new social media game challenges players to earn “joy” that is translated into funding for animal causes.
Leonardo DiCaprio Speaks Out Against Poaching
The Great Gatsby actor is speaking out against animal trafficking and is slated to produce a movie based on the subject.
Processed Meat Consumption Linked to Cancers
A recent study confirms that the consumption of large quantities of processed meat is associated with a variety of cancers.
Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible Sends Anti-Fur Message
The fashion guru is adamant about the absence of fur as a fashion staple in his new book.
Rosie O’Donnell Sees Benefits of Plant-Based Diet
The comedienne is sharing the ways her new diet is changing her life on an upcoming episode of The Dr. Oz Show.

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