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Law Banning Hunting in Costa Rica Nears Approval
The tropical nation is set to become the first Latin American country to outlaw hunting for sport.
Wayne Pacelle Hopes to Join Tyson Foods Board
The HSUS president is vying for a position on the board of directors at Tyson Foods in an effort to steer the food giant away from gestation crates.
ALDF Sues Judy’s Eggs for False Advertising
The ALDF has filed a class action lawsuit against the California egg producer, claiming the product’s packaging is misleading consumers.
Kris Carr Debuts Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes
The Crazy Sexy Diet author is giving exclusive access to online cooking classes as a reward for pre-ordering her new cookbook.
Mayim Bialik Encourages Families to Toss Out Meat
The vegan actress joins forces with PETA in supporting families to ditch meat in the home and go veg.
Month of October Celebrates Vegetarian Lifestyle
Today is World Vegetarian Day and the kick-off of Vegetarian Awareness Month, a campaign aimed at showcasing the benefits of a plant-based diet.
HSLF Launches Commercial Opposing Con. Steve King
The Humane Society Legislative Fund’s second ad against the Iowa incumbent launched last week after its first ad was engulfed in controversy.
Veggie Patch Van Launches in Sydney
Sydney’s premier veggie food truck has hit the city streets fueled by solar power, vegetable oil, and the robust appetites of its followers.
Bill Banning Hound Hunting Passed in California
Legislative bill SB 1221, which makes the hounding of bears and bobcats illegal in the state of California, passed Wednesday.
Chili’s Restaurants Parent Company Ditches Crates
Brinker International, owner of Chili’s restaurants, announces it is working to eliminate gestation crates in its supply chain.
Dunkin’ Donuts Pledges to go Crate and Cage-Free
The fast food outlet has announced its commitment to eliminating gestation crates and sourcing only cage-free eggs within the next year.
New York Times: Veganism is Mainstream in SoCal
The New York Times reveals the omnivore chefs and restaurants adding vegan items to their menus to draw crowds.
HSUS Alleges Pork Producers Stole $60 Million
The animal-welfare group claims the National Pork Producers Council has been financing its lobby efforts through the illegal sale of a 1986 slogan.
ConAgra Foods to Eliminate Gestation Crates
The food-company giant has pledged to have the confining crates removed from its pork supply chain by 2022.
Hillshire Brands Commits to Gestation Crate Ban
The food retailer and owner of Ballpark, Jimmy Dean, and Hillshire Farms is the latest in a line of companies to eliminate gestation crates.
Lab-Grown Leather Could Debut in Five Years
Technicians developing lab-grown meat are developing lab-grown, cruelty-free leather.
Los Angeles Times Supports the Ban on Foie Gras
Columnist Carla Hall applauds a judge’s recent refusal after a pro-foie gras coalition submitted a request to have the ban overturned.
Ricky Gervias the Voice of the Red Collar Campaign
The comedian is speaking out on behalf of a new campaign that aims to end unnecessary dog culls fueled by human fear of rabies.
Chicago VeganMania Celebrates the Vegan Community
The fourth annual event celebrates the best and brightest vegan fare in Chicago in an action-packed new venue.
Poll Reveals UK Adults Unaware of Food Origins
Despite considering themselves knowledgeable about food, a recent poll revealed shocking numbers of UK adults are unaware of food origins.
Wall Street Journal Publishes Plant-Based Debate
The current-affairs website enlists the opinion of experts when questioning the pros and cons of a vegan diet.
13 Mind-Blowing Two-Course Meals in Vancouver
The Canadian West Coast city finishes its show-stopping vegan mains with to-die-for desserts.
Meat Industry Suing ABC Over Pink Slime Comments
Pink slime manufacturer Beef Products Inc. is suing ABC over celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s comments on his show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.
The Philippines Launches “World Meatless Lunch”
The global initiative invites people from around the world to join in on a “virtual table” and adopt environmentally sustainable dietary habits.
Double Energy Twins Wow Television Hosts
The energetic duo behind The Ultimate Allergy-Free Snack Cookbook are sharing their vegan snacks with television personalities across the country.
First All-Vegan Coffee Shop to Open in Los Angeles
Inspired by Vega formulator Brendan Brazier, Chef Antoanet Aburto is working to open LA’s first cruelty-free coffee shop.
New Cambridge Study Encourages Reduction in Meat
University researchers have published information linking a reduction in red meat to a decrease in chronic diseases and carbon emissions.
Baltimore Experiences a Boom in Vegan Bakeries
Dirty Carrots, a new Fells Point vegan bakery, will be the fourth of its kind to open in Baltimore.
A Junk Food-Heavy Diet May Lead to Alzheimer’s
Evidence of the connection between Alzheimer’s and diets high in sugar and fat leads scientists to classify it as another form of diabetes.
Veterinarians and Physicians Working Together
Innovative medical professionals are finding answers for patients after collaborating with doctors treating the other species.
Vietnam Food Fair Encourages Vegetarian Lifestyle
The Green Food Fair in Ho Chi Minh City is sending a message to youth of positive environmental action through a vegetarian diet.
Jack in the Box to Eliminate Gestation Crates
The fast food retailer, which also operates Qdoba Mexican Grill, is the latest to convert to a crate-free supply chain.
Stanford Organic Study Omits Important Factors
The university’s scientific report failed to address food additives when conducting a comparison analysis of organic and non-organic foods.
Global TV Will No Longer Air Hunting Shows
The Canadian network is pulling three hunting-based shows from its weekend block of nature shows.
Ian Somerhalder Fighting to Save Sanctuary Land
The animal-loving star of The Vampire Diaries is reaching out to fans as plans for an industrial park threaten the security of his animal sanctuary.
RadarOnline: Usher Following a Vegan Diet
The pop-culture website reports that the singer is now following a plant-based diet and is urging protégé Justin Bieber to do the same.
Vegan Musician to Auction Guitar for Charity
Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen is auctioning off the guitar he used from the band’s recent Rock of Ages tour to benefit holistic cancer therapy.
Eating Fewer Animal Products Leads to Weight Loss
A recent medical study revealed that successful long-term weight loss was attributed to decreased meat, cheese, and sweets consumption.
Mayim Bialik Annouces Plans for Vegan Cookbook
The vegan actress recently announced her plans for a family-oriented, plant-based cookbook.
Campaign Asks In-N-Out to Add Veggie Burger
California's popular burger chain is being petitioned to add a meat-free option to its menu.
Hella Vegan Eats Seeks Funds for Food Truck
The vegan food company is seeking startup funds on Indiegogo for its vegan food truck.
Paralympic Basketball Player Follows Vegan Diet
Australian Women’s wheelchair basketball player Sarah Stewart promotes her vegan diet as the London 2012 games commence.
Melie Bianco Bags Featured on Good Morning America
The vegan handbag line was featured on the ABC morning show’s Secret Deals and Steals.
Subway Pledges to Eliminate Gestation Crates
The sandwich chain announced its plans to phase out the confining crates.
Company Plans Berkeley, CA Vegan Food Crawl
The restaurant-tour company has organized a vegan crawl in Berkeley taking place in September, with restaurants to be revealed.
9 Tasty Vegan Products Made in Canada
These flavor-packed Canadian foods tell the tale of a Great White North that has much more to offer beyond poutine and hockey.
Food Shortages Could Result in More Vegetarians
Leading water scientists forecast that a growing population and water shortages will require the world to adopt a plant-based diet.
Celebrities Team Up to End Walmart Animal Abuse
Hollywood stars have teamed up with Mercy For Animals to encourage Walmart to end the use of gestation crates in its supply line.
Campbell’s Soup to End Use of Gestation Crates
The food company pledged to completely eliminate the use of gestation crates in its supply line by 2022.
Rosie O‘Donnell Now Following a Plant-Based Diet
The comedienne revealed on via Twitter that she is committed to a plant-based diet following her recent health scare.

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