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Farm Sanctuary Calls Attention to Animal Waste
The animal sanctuary’s head hit airwaves to discuss factory farms.
Colorado Hospitals Lower Healthy Food Prices
Cafeterias at Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies have lowered the prices on healthy foods to encourage better food choices.
Alicia Silverstone Calls for End to Hounding
The vegan actress took to Twitter asking fellow Californians to help the ASPCA ban the hounding of bears and bobcats.
Aramark Pledges to Eliminate Gestation Crate Use
The Philadelphia-based food-service company has partnered with the Humane Society of the United States to end gestation crate use.
First All-Veg Subway Restaurant to Open in India
The world’s first all-vegetarian Subway restaurant is set to open in September on a private state university campus in Jalandhar.
Coles Groceries Wants Cameras in Slaughterhouses
The Australian supermarket chain announces that it will ask its suppliers to install permanent cameras in slaughterhouses and animal sheds.
New Legislative Bill Could Ban Fur Sales in Israel
The Israeli legislative branch has introduced a bill that would forbid the sale of fur within the country.
Wild Animals Help Kangaroos Escape Wildlife Park
A fox and wild boar were accomplices to three kangaroos who hopped nine miles to freedom from a German wildlife park.
Nationwide Drought Sends Meat Prices Sky-High
The biggest drought in 60 years and record temperatures continue to ravage the Corn Belt, setting record prices for livestock feed and meat.
COK Pro-Veg Commercials to Re-Launch this Fall
Compassion Over Killing’s award-winning commercials are set to re-launch fall 2012 with supporting donations being matched up to $75,000.
Colbert Blasts King Over Dog Fight Comments
Host and comedian Stephen Colbert mocked Iowa Congressman Steve King’s comments about dog fighting.
Vegan High School Grad Awarded Scholarship
Avid volunteer and high school graduate Kyana Jones was awarded a $5,000 scholarship from the Vegetarian Resource Group.
PCRM Supporter Hope Solo’s Save Wins US Gold
The US women’s soccer team goalie and Olympic champion wrote to Congress in support of the Healthy School Meals Act to improve school lunches.
Texas State Veggie Fair Returns for a Third Year
Patrons will find food trucks, workshops, and a high-stakes fried -foods competition during the Dallas fair’s third run.
Former Pfizer Drug Researcher Opens Veg Cafe
The former pharmaceutical giant employee gives up analyzing the effectiveness of drugs to start a café in Mystic, CT.
Healthy Diets in Children Result in Higher IQs
A study in the European Journal of Epidemiology reveals that children fed junk food in their first two years score lower on IQ tests.
Portland Mayor Declares Vegan Awareness Weekend
Mayor Sam Adams has proclaimed September 22–23 Vegan Awareness Weekend in the City of Roses, encouraging residents to enjoy vegan fare.
Tyson Profits Plummet in Recent Fiscal Quarter
The biggest meat company in the US and second largest in the world saw a large drop in net income and net profit in its third fiscal quarter.
PCRM to Launch 21-Day Kickstart Program Online
Doctors and dieticians team up with celebrity diet counselors to share knowledge of the vegan diet through the free online initiative.
Meat Substitutes Experience Surge in Market Growth
Exclusive information provided to suggests a rise in market growth for meat-free products.
Senate Committee Approves Great Ape Legislation
The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings act could free the 950 chimps currently caged by the government and save taxpayers $25 million per year.
PETA Hosting Worldwide Half-Marathon
The third annual fundraiser is a 14-week training plan leading to a November race in support of PETA’s Investigations and Rescue Fund.
Oxfam Endorses Meatless Mondays Following Study
The international relief and development organization is endorsing Meatless Mondays after an internal study links animal agriculture to hunger issues.
Vegtoons Seeks Startup Funds on Kickstarter
Vegtoons looks to Kickstarter to crowd-fund its 10-episode series promoting a plant-based diet to older omnivores.
Vegan Marketplace to Debut at Disney’s Epcot Park
The 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival will premiere Epcot theme park’s first ever all-vegan “Terra” kiosk.
Amendment 45 Would Bypass Animal-Welfare Efforts
An amendment to Congress’ Farm Bill intends to force states with animal-welfare laws to allow the banned products to cross their borders.
Marilu Henner for PCRM Finalist on Live With Kelly
The actress and best-selling author could win $25,000 for The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine on Live’s summer grilling contest.
Forks Over Knives Cookbook Ranking High on Amazon
With just more than two weeks before its release date, the new Forks Over Knives cookbook is already featured on Amazon’s bestseller lists.
Beyond Meat Expects to Shock Upon Launching
The new, highly anticipated meat alternative company plans to change the vegan meat market.
Paul Mitchell Receives Award for Staying Cruelty-Free
The hair-care company receives PETA’s Courage in Commerce Award after pulling its products from the Chinese market to maintain a cruelty-free status.
PETA and Activists to Protest Chick-fil-A This Week
Animal- and equal-rights supporters will rally to protest the chain’s alleged anti-gay stance and animal cruelty at the Hollywood location on August 1st.
Radio Hosts Fund Investigation For Abused Dog
An Indiegogo campaign seeking justice for Captain the dog has successfully raised more than seven times its goal to fund the SPCA’s investigation.
Rio +20 Report: Reduce Animal Product Intake
Leading scientists and policy makers at the United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development recommend decreasing animal product consumption.
USDA Removes Meatless Monday Posting
The US Department of Agriculture retracts their Meatless Monday posting after backlash from livestock producers.
Sysco Asks Pork Producers to End Gestation Crate Use
North America’s largest food-service distributor aims to address animal-welfare issues by asking pork producers to phase out gestation crates.
Cargill Recalls Beef After Salmonella Outbreak
The agribusiness giant is recalling more than 29,300 pounds of ground beef after 33 cases of salmonella poisoning in seven states.
Costco Asks Pork Suppliers to go Crate-Free
Supermarket giants Costco and Super Kmart ask pork suppliers to phase out the use of gestation crates.
Online Resource VeganCorner Seeks Funding on Indiegogo
The online resource for all things vegan is seeking funds to expand its database and community and develop a smartphone app.
HSUS to Sue 51 Pig Confinement Facilities Over Pollution
The Humane Society of the United States serves notice of intent to sue 51 pig confinement facilities for toxic air pollution.
The Body Shop and CFI Call to Ban Animal Testing
Cruelty-Free International and The Body Shop partner to bring an end to animal testing for cosmetics.
Washington Post Readers Name Best Veg Dishes
A Washington Post reader survey turns out an extensive and flavorful list of vegetarian noshes.
Vegan Tele-Summit Veganpalooza Underway
The free four-day online event features world-class experts on a variety of vegan topics.
Jesse Eisenberg Speaks Up for Exotic Birds
The vegetarian and film star teams up with HSUS to bring to light the plight of exotic birds.
Des Moines Café to Provide Prisoners With Vegan Food
New World Café in Des Moines pledges to help feed incarcerated activists and animal-rights prisoners.
Taiwanese Hog Farmer Opens Farm Sanctuary
Dedicated New Taipei vegetarian and former hog farmer transforms his farm into a “sowful” sanctuary.
McCartney Joins “Be Cruelty-Free” Campaign
The music legend joins HSUS and Humane Society International’s fight to end animal testing for cosmetics worldwide.

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