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NIH Considering Human-Animal Stem Cell Research
The National Institutes of Health plans to lift its ban on funding controversial experiments with ethical implications for animals and humanity.
Vegan Oktoberfest Hits Los Angeles
Unlimited craft beer, live music, and plenty of plant-based food vendors provide an afternoon of Bavarian-themed fun and celebration.
Indiana University Hosts Display on Vegetarian History
Summer exhibition “Eat Your Vegetables! Five Centuries of Vegetarianism and the Printed Word” displayed at university library.
Miyoko Schinner Inducted Into Veg Hall of Fame
The North American Vegetarian Society honors vegan cheese maker, cookbook author, and restaurateur with illustrious award.
Lobster Rescued from Restaurant Dies En Route to Aquarium
Decades-old crustacean saved from being eaten but did not survive the journey to his safe new home.
The Great Vegan Cookie Challenge Hits Florida Tonight
Nine bakers face off at Cinema Paradiso for Florida premiere of The Vegan Movie—Everyday Stories.
Vendy Awards Add a Special “Vegan” Category
Street food event and cook-off competition promotes NYC’s plant-based food vendors.
Ellie Goulding Talks Veganism and Health
Popular singer discusses how her plant-based diet and exercise regimen have her feeling better than ever.
New Vegan Restaurant Opens in London, Ontario
Plant Matter Kitchen brings local cruelty-free businesses under one roof to showcase the best vegan food and drink.
Chicago Tribune Exposes Factory Farm Industry Abuses
Newspaper publishes major exposés of animal cruelty and environmental damage perpetrated by Illinois pig farms.
Vegan Is Running a Marathon a Day for 45 Days
Stuart Repon-Ness takes “The West Coast Challenge”—a 1,470-mile trek from Seattle to San Diego—to raise money for charities.
New Study: Veg Diet Reduces Mortality and Heart Disease
Researchers find that replacing processed red meat with plant protein can lower risk of death by 33 percent.
4 Superheroes We Wish Were Vegan
Powers that defy the laws of physics? Check. Fighting evil to protect the innocent? Check. Choosing a compassionate, sustainable diet? Well...
Vegans Have Healthier Gut Bacteria than Meat-Eaters
Study suggests that a plant-based diet improves digestion, increases immunity, and lowers cholesterol.
The First Orangutan Found to Emulate Human Speech
Eight-year-old primate astounds researchers by speaking word-like sounds in a “conversational context.”
5 Crazy Vegan Stereotypes—Smashed!
Meat-eaters still think of vegans as long-haired hippies with tie-dyed shirts. We’re here to prove these outdated beliefs wrong.
“Mark It Vegan” Campaign Seeks Clear Product Labeling
Animal Aid wants UK supermarkets to put a “suitable for vegans” logo or symbol on their animal-free foods.
Vegan Art Exhibition Showing at London Gallery
Kabaret@Karamel’s “ANIMUS” features works by internationally celebrated vegan visual artists.
13-Year-Old Gives Birthday Money to Farm Animals
After celebrating at a sanctuary, Australian teen donates $200 to life-saving cause.
PETA Seeks “2016 Sexiest Vegan Over 50”
Annual contest encourages applicants who want to be crowned the year’s most attractive over-50 animal advocate.
Legal Action Could Protect Leopards from Donald Trump, Jr.
Humane Society petition urges the federal government to declare African leopards an endangered species.
World’s Second Largest Food Supplier To Go Cage-Free
Sodexo vows to phase out battery cages from its 80-nation operations by 2025.
Vegan Cheese Tops Dairy’s Best New Products List
Dairy industry news website promotes Daiya’s new slices in its monthly launch review.
Court Protects Whales in Navy Sonar Ruling
Animal and environmental groups‘ successful lawsuit represents a big win for marine mammals.
Animals on the Ballot in Four States This Election
Farm animal and wildlife protection measures come before voters in Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon, and Oklahoma.
Champion Vegan Sprinter Heads to Rio Olympics
21-year-old Morgan Mitchell says going vegan trimmed her weight and improved her running times.
Matthew Kenney Imports Pop-Up to Venice, CA
Arata comes to the acclaimed vegan chef?s Plant Food + Wine restaurant from July 28—August 7.
Sculptor Forms “Fresh Faces” from Fruits and Veggies
Photographs of human portraits made from organic produce capture plant-based people’s unique personalities.
Rhode Island Becomes First State to Ban Bullhooks
New law ensures elephants will no longer be tortured with cruel tool.
Junk Food is Largest Source of Americans’ Calories
Study shows that the most-eaten foods are also those most subsidized by the government.
Bill Would Protect Plant-Based Foods from Big Ag Attacks
Commodity Checkoff Program Improvement Act would prevent meat and dairy trade groups from unfairly attacking vegan competitors.
Exhibit Opens in England to Show Importance of Bees
British tea company builds miniature bug resort to raise awareness of bee‘s ecological importance and plight.
Portland’s “Summer of Brunch” Starts Sunday
Six-part series benefitting the Vegan Iron Chef non-profit organization runs from July 24 to August 28.
Walmart Pilots “Ugly” Produce Program
Big-box store shoppers in Florida and Texas can score bargains while reducing food waste.
Vegan Diet for Farmed Fish Could Prevent Collapse of Fisheries
Scientists are developing plant-based fish feed to make aquaculture more ecologically sustainable.
America's Largest Veg Festival Hits Chicago This Weekend
Congressman Bill Foster to launch the Veggie Fest festivities with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting.
H&M Cosmetics Phasing Out Animal-Hair Brushes
Switch to synthetic fibers comes after the fashion brand stopped testing on animals in 2015.
“Human on a Chip” Could Make Animal Testing Obsolete
Experimental microchip yields more reliable results and is less expensive than testing chemicals on animals.
Founder of Vegan Company Pens “Dear Donald” Letter in NYT
Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick blasts Trump’s “wrong” and “un-American” presidential campaign.
China To Cut Meat Consumption in Half by 2030
Government‘s health ministry details revolutionary plan in new dietary guidelines.
Vegan Burger Bar Debuts at Whole Foods in Boulder, CO
Completely vegan eatery serves Beyond Burgers, Gardein chicken and fish sandwiches, hush puppies, and milkshakes.
Spain’s Animalista Party Wins Record Electoral Support
285,000 voters cast ballots for Animalista Party in 2016—more than doubling their 2011 election total.
UN Declares 2016 the International Year of Pulses
Multinational organization promotes the nutritional and environmental benefits of lentils, beans, and other dry grain crops.
First Vegan Grilled Cheese Invitational This Sunday
Top Los Angeles chefs will compete in Culver City, CA to make the best dairy-free melted cheese sandwich.
Obama Administration Bans Downed Calf Slaughter
New rule closes loophole in Administration”s 2009 measure outlawing the killing of downed cattle for human consumption.
10 Best Shops For Vegan Ice Cream
No matter your location, you’re never far from a refreshing dairy-free ice cream.
Women Who Eat a Plant-Based Diet Age Better
30-year study found that a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, and nuts helps slow the aging process.
Silicon Valley Startup Creates “Pretty Perfect” Vegan Shrimp
New Wave Foods hopes to “disrupt food, not the oceans” with realistic-tasting plant-based seafood products.
Veggie Superheroes Get Kids Into Plant-Powered Eating
Study shows that the marketing tactics used by fast- and junk-food companies can be used to get children to eat vegetables.
PETA Releases Pokémon Parody Game
Black & Blue: Gotta free ‘em all! lampoons Pokémon Go with an anti-animal-fighting message.

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