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67 Percent Would Pay More for “Humanely Raised” Meat
However, ASPCA study also found that Americans are confused about what labels such as “cage-free,” “free-range,” and “grass fed” actually mean.
Supermodel Christie Brinkley: I'm an “Aspiring Vegan”
62-year-old says a healthy “vegetable-based diet“ helps keep her skin looking fresh and youthful.
Perdue Chickens Get Windows and Workouts
Company to initiate welfare improvements that include better food, more rest, and video surveillance of transport.
US Senator Fights to Ban Meatless Mondays in Military
Iowa Congresswoman Joni Ernst seeks to defeat veg-friendly program that would improve veterans‘ health.
Eating Fruit and Vegetables Increases Happiness
Longitudinal research project finds positive link between healthy eating and psychological well-being.
Animal Welfare Overhaul on Massachusetts Ballot
Come November, voters could elect to ban battery cages, gestation crates, and veal crates in their state.
Dublin’s First Vegan Butcher Restaurant Makes Its Debut
From an Irish vegan breakfast to chia truffles, Sova Food Vegan Butcher has what the Emerald Isle‘s herbivores crave.
CA Governor Signs Bill Banning Bullhooks
The Golden State becomes second in the nation to prohibit circuses from using painful bullhooks to control elephants.
North Carolina Ag-Gag Bill Defeated by Governor’s Veto
Whistleblowers in the Tar Heel State will not face prosecution for exposing criminal farm animal abuse.
Walmart Announces Sweeping Animal Welfare Reforms
Largest US food retailer to phase out battery cages, gestation crates, and more.
Gallup Poll: Americans Support Animal Rights
Almost one-third of respondents say animals should have same rights as humans.
New “Restaurant” Shows Possibilities of Lab-Grown Meat
A virtual restaurant serves up innovative menu of futuristic meat.
Jamie Oliver Urges Fans to Eat More Vegetarian Food
Citing health and financial reasons, the celebrity chef encourages fans to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diets.
Santa Barbara Art Event Benefits Animal Museum
Vegan surrealist garden party celebrates life of artist Frida Kahlo on May 30.
Animal Sanctuary Takes Over Vegan Store
In this VegNews exclusive, Northern California-based Animal Place resumes ownership of Berkeley's Republic of V.
This Summer: Vegan Film Coming to a Theater Near You
Eye-opening feature film about the benefits of plant-based nutrition is now screening in select US cities.
Vegan Athletes Compete in Naturally Fit Games
45-member PlantBuilt Vegan Muscle Team head to Austin, TX on June 6.
CBS TV Station Takes 30-Day Vegan Challenge
Reporters for Sacramento morning show pledge to go vegan for the month of May.
Toll-Free Animal Activist Helpline Launched
Counselors from In Defense of Animals are standing by to provide support and advice.
150,000 Americans Sign Petition for New Dietary Guidelines
Health and climate change concerns drive public comments on federal food policy.
Hawaii Could Be First State to Outlaw Wild Animal Acts
Governor stops issuing permits for exotic animal entertainment performances.
Wendy’s Test-Markets New Vegan Burger
Restaurant chain has been selling black bean patties at two Ohio locations.
Whole Foods to Launch Affordable Grocery Chain
Health food retailer says stores will be “unlike anything that currently exists in the marketplace.”
New Website Stands Up Against Ag-Gag Bills
A new website by Mercy For Animals rallies support to keep factory farm exposés legal.
Celebrity-Studded Benefit Gala for Animals in LA
The Humane Society of the United States is hosting an award show, dinner, and party on May 16 in Beverly Hills.
Jared Leto Buffs Up on Vegan Diet for Batman Film
Oscar-winning actor preps for role as the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie.
Madison Square Garden Goes Vegan for Morrissey Show
Singer says venues have “a moral duty” to not serve animal products.
Jon Stewart to Start Animal Sanctuary
Television host purchases land in New Jersey to shelter rescued farm animals.
Survey: 74% of Americans Support Animal Rights
Attitudes toward animal protection vary by wealth, ethnicity, and political affiliation.
Plant-Based Diet Reduces Colon Cancer Risk
Carcinogenic levels drop 70 percent in just two weeks when people ate less meat.
Stanford Named America’s #1 Vegan-Friendly Large College
California school earns top honors with meat-free options in every campus dining hall.
San Francisco Bans Wild Animal Performances
City by the Bay prohibits exotic animal acts as entertainment.
Vegetarian T-Rex-Like Dinosaur Discovered by 7-Year-Old Boy
Paleontologists call 10-foot-long Chilesaurus "a truly bizarre animal."
Renowned Culinary School Hosts Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant
Miami-based Johnson & Wales University serves up plant-based cuisine to local diners.
Chipotle Mexican Grill Goes GMO-Free
Mexican fast-casual chain is first national restaurant to use only non-GMO ingredients.
McDonald's Sales Take a Nosedive
Animal advocates say serving vegan fare could help the flailing franchise.
PETA Names America’s 5 Best Vegan Food Trucks
Animal-rights group unveils the nation’s best meatless meals on wheels.
Café Moby Coming Soon to Southern California
Summer opening planned for musician’s new vegan-organic restaurant in Los Angeles.
5 Meat-Free Politicians
From the national to the local level, these veg voters are leading the way with compassion.
Ethical Investing
Tough economic times might bring opportunities for ethical investing.
How to Know Which Businesses to Support
Knowing what kind of business your dollars support is crucial in tough times. Here’s how to tell the beneficial from the bad.
Foie Gras Fight
With pro-animal legislation making forward strides everywhere else in the US, why did Chicago take a giant step back?
Interview with Dennis Kucinich
Meet vegan political powerhouse Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio), who just earned his seventh consecutive Congressional win on November 4.
Politics of Prop. 2
California voters will soon determine whether welfare reform for farmed animals is a good thing or bad. Where do you stand?
Factory-Farm Phase-Out?
The Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Protection's landmark report could herald welfare reform for farmed animals.
Eat Local, Save the Planet
Think you're doing everything you can for the planet simply by being veg? Think again!
Soy: Safe on Sperm
Don't let the headlines scare you: Soy is safe for you and your sperm.
In Vitro Meat
With PETA's million-dollar prize as a lure, lab-grown meat may be a reality sooner than anyone expected.
Veg Progress
With October being World Vegetarian Awareness Month, what better way to celebrate veg-living than with...
Primates Get Protection
Spanish parliament break new ground with a bold move in support of animal rights.

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