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New Casual Vegan Sneakers Seeking Funding Online
Ridebro’s colorful, environmentally friendly sneakers will launch online if the $27,000 Kickstarter goal is reached.
Spicy Allergen-Free Crackers
Mary’s Gone Crackers has two new flavors sure to please all dietary persuasions.
Ryan Gosling: Close Gestation Crate Ban Loophole
The Hollywood star calls for Canadian farmers to keep pigs out of confining crates at all times, not just when pregnant.
Tropical Smoothie Café: Beyond Meat Here to Stay
After a test run in May, the healthy fast food chain announces that the plant-based chicken will permanently be on its menu.
August 5: First Lab-Grown Hamburger To Be Eaten
A professor in the Netherlands recently created a slaughter-free hamburger from cow stem cells, soon to be tasted live on stage.
NYC Mayor’s Daughter Discusses Animal Welfare
Georgina Bloomberg calls for better animal welfare initiatives in New York City, including in shelters and the horse-drawn carriage industry. Features 4-Year-Old Vegan Baking Whiz
Petey Rojas and his YouTube vegan baking show are spotlighted on the food section of the Today show blog.
12-Year-Old Animal Rights Activist Recognized
Thomas Ponce was awarded the Young Animal Activist Award at the 2013 Animal Rights National Conference.
Vegan Breakfast Burritos
Mexican food line Julie’s Vegan Kitchen makes ready-to-eat breakfast burritos filled to the brim with plant-based cheese, chorizo, and egg.
Avant-Garde Eco-Friendly Vegan Shoes from Rombaut
The Belgian designer released his second shoe line, inspired by polar landscapes and made from unique plant materials.
Meat-Free Vietnamese Restaurant Opens in Vancouver
New eatery Veggiebowl offers residents of British Columbia’s largest city vegan and vegetarian Vietnamese cuisine.
New Vegan Food Truck Takes to Durango, CO Streets
The Pod began serving its famed beet burger and breakfast burritos at a local street market earlier this month.
Chef Tal Ronnen Gives E! His Tips On Going Vegan
The culinary genius behind Ellen DeGeneres’ wedding menu and Oprah Winfrey’s 21-day cleanse offers simple strategies to go meat-free.
U. of Colorado-Boulder Reconsiders Animal Testing
The University of Colorado at Boulder is set to review its current policy on the use of live animals for research and class experiments.
Statewide Shark Fin Ban Goes Into Effect in CA
Following a bill signed by Governor Jerry Brown, anyone possessing, selling, or distributing shark fins now faces fines of up to $1,000.
Vegan Chain Veggie Grill Rolls Out New Menu Items
The quickly expanding West Coast plant-based food chain has announced several seasonal dishes to ring in the summer.
Sanctuary Offers Monetary Incentive to Visitors
First-time visitors of Animal Place in Grass Valley, CA will receive five dollars courtesy of a private foundation grant.
Vegan Food Truck Welcomed in Northern Virginia
Randy Radish food truck serves up Reubens and barbecue sandwiches with a meat-free twist for diners of every persuasion.
All-Vegan Grocery Store Opens in South Australia
Adelaide—Australia’s fifth largest city—is home to a new retailer, Everything Vegan, offering cruelty-free fare and products.
Report: Word “Meat” Carries Negative Connotation
Bloomberg Businessweek reports that recent online posts about meat are often followed by words such as “bad” and “problem,” and food outlets are taking notice.
New Eco-Friendly Vegan Shoe Line Seeking Funds
Nicora Johns footwear collection consists of manmade leather and ethically sourced materials, and is made in the US.
Vegan Chef Wins Food Network’s Chopped Competition
Vedge’s Rich Landau was declared the show’s winner after creatively using plant-based ingredients such as chia seeds, dandelion greens, and tempeh.
New Study: Chicks More Intelligent Than Toddlers
Researchers found that newly hatched chicks demonstrate a level of intelligence that takes human children years to develop.
TED Talk: Beyond Eggs CEO on Broken Food System
Josh Tetrick presents the solution to the US’ failing food system—take the animal out of the equation.
Famous NYC Noodle Shop Now Offers Vegan Ramen
The wildly popular East Village eatery Ippudo has a new location in Hell’s Kitchen and will offer plant-based ramen.
Burlington, VT: First Veg Restaurant Opening Soon
Revolution Kitchen will be the first completely meat-free dining establishment in Vermont’s largest city.
Canada: Vegan Marshmallow in the Works in Ottawa
Ottawans may soon see Charmallows, a new marshmallow completely free of animal products, on the market from a local food innovator.
Vegan Zombie Takes to Kickstarter for Cookbook
YouTube’s beloved undead, plant-based chef hopes to raise funds to produce his first cookbook.
Disney Darling Releases Vegan Nail Polish Line
Adrienne Bailon has a new project off-screen—cruelty-free nail polish in a wide range of colors.
Colombia Prohibits Use of Animals in Circuses
After undercover investigations by Animal Defenders International expose animal abuse, the Colombian government bans wild animals in circuses.
St. Louis Welcomes A New Vegetarian Restaurant
Tree House is the latest meat-free eatery to open in Mound City, serving up an eclectic mix of veg cuisine.
US’ First Veg School Will Visit Animal Sanctuary
New York school continues to teach its students about compassionate living by arranging a trip to Catskill Animal Sanctuary.
Washington Post’s Advice for Parents with Veg Kids
The newspaper weighs in on the growing number of vegetarians, and offers tips for parents whose children decide to go veg.
Gluten-Free, Vegan Brewery to Open in Portland
Moonshrimp Brewing takes to Kickstarter to raise money for a gluten- and cruelty-free brewery in the Oregon metropolis.
Third Annual VegFest Houston Taking Place Today
Space City residents can enjoy vegan food demonstrations, yoga sessions, compassionate guest speakers, and much more at the 2013 VegFest Houston.
Researchers Propose Solution to Disappearing Bees
Colony Collapse Disorder has led to depleted bee populations, but researchers believe a bee sperm bank could be the answer.
Comedy Central’s Daily Show Addresses Ag-Gag Bills
The tongue-in-cheek news show criticizes ag-gag laws, featuring undercover factory farm footage that led to animal-cruelty convictions.
Tia Mowry Joins PETA in Sharing Vegan Message
The Sister, Sister actress stars in the animal-rights organization’s latest ad, “Let Veganism Grown on You”.
Lush Cosmetics Employees Go Vegan for Five Days
Thirty of the cruelty-free makeup company’s employees teamed up with an animal-welfare documentary group to explore veganism.
Plant-Strong High-Performance Athletes On the Rise
Athletes such as ultra-marathon runners Brendan Brazier and Scott Jurek praise the athletic benefits of a vegan diet.
Vegan Line Vaute Couture Offers Summer Sample Sale
Stock up on cruelty-free fashions—including coats, dresses, and canvas jumpers—at discounted prices during the vegan brand’s Summer Sample Sale.
The Guardian Reports Brits Should Eat Less Meat
The International Development Committee called for a reduction in meat consumption to address the global food crisis.
Popular Tech & Lifestyle Site Gives Veg Advice
Website Lifehacker, dedicated to productivity and helping people live well, recently dished out tips for eating veg.
VB6 Author Mark Bittman Talks Veganism on MSNBC
The New York Times writer discusses his new book and veg-friendly eating habits on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.
New Yorker Spotlights Celebrity Animal Activist
Paul Watson is the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an organization featured on Animal Planet’s popular show Whale Wars.
Houston, TX Home to New All-Vegetarian Eatery
Cattle Country is about to get a little greener with a meat-free restaurant named Green opening in its largest city this fall.
San Diego School System May Go Meatless on Mondays
The second-largest city in California could soon stop serving students mystery meat in school cafeterias.
Chicago’s Kitchen 17 Wins Over Omnivore Critic
A new vegan eatery in The Windy City got an enthusiastic nod of approval from the Chicago Tribune.
Canada to Ban Gestation Crates Nationwide By 2014
The National Farm Animal Care Council has proposed legislation to ban gestation crates throughout the Canadian pork industry.
New Deadly Virus is Infecting the US Pork Industry
Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus has been reported in five states, among them Iowa—the US’s largest pork supplier with nearly 20 million pigs.

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