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Rooney Mara Attended Vegan Dinner at Sundance
According to People Magazine, Rooney Mara is vegan, and she and fellow castmates recently ate a special plant-based dinner at Wahson restaurant.
Video Shows Horse Slaughterhouse Guilty of Abuse
Undercover footage exposes United Kingdom horse abattoir Red Lion for abuse and illegal slaughter procedures.
Omnivore Goes Meatless for a Weeklong Trial
Deciding to go vegan for seven days to gain a new perspective, Leah Blunt found the environmental perks of a plant-based diet the most rewarding.
Chipotle Will Test Tofu Option in San Francisco
Fastfood chain Chipotle will offer tofu in San Francisco locations to gauge whether there is a demand for the meatless option nationwide.
A New Study Claims That Crustaceans Do Feel Pain
Scientists from Queen’s University in Belfast discovered crabs try to avoid pain caused by electrical shocks.
Paul McCartney Song Used for Vegetarian Food Ad
Paul McCartney’s song “Heart of the Country” will be used in a LoveLinda Campaign ad; the ad is for his late wife’s line of vegetarian food.
Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich Joins Fox News
The 2004 and 2008 democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is the newest analyst on Fox News.
Leaflets Effective in Swaying Views on Eating Meat
The Humane League and Farm Sanctuary found leafleting to be an effective way to encourage meatless dining.
Agricultural Bloggers Go Vegan for Experiment
Two meat-loving animal agriculturalists try veganism for a two-week personal experiment in hopes of being able to relate to their veg customers.
Chicago-Area High School Adopts Meatless Monday
Evanston Township High School is the first high school in the Chicago area to offer meatless lunch options once a week.
Healthy Vegan Cookie
When you can’t keep snacking at bay, Badass Power Cookie with spirulina is here to save the day.

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