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Pigs Face Mass Slaughter Following Health Disaster
Officials in Chile may kill 500,000 pigs after unsanitary conditions on a factory farm led to a health emergency.
Mail-Order Chicks Linked to Salmonella Outbreak
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says live mail-order chicks are spreading the harmful bacteria.
MFA Video Exposes Cruelty at California Auction
The organization has released footage captured during an undercover investigation into Ontario Livestock Sales.
Rhode Island May Ban Veal and Gestation Crates
After passing the House in a unanimous vote, the measure moved to the Senate for consideration on Tuesday.
Raw Vegan Restaurant Opening in Toronto on Thursday
Feel Good Guru will offer locally grown, organic plant-based meals designed for optimum health and nutrition.
Dairy Farmers Devise Creative Tools for Cow Comfort
Across the country, farmers are turning to experimental techniques to ensure that their cows are happy.
5 Allergy-Soothing Superfoods
Keep seasonal allergies at bay by incorporating these tasty treatments into your diet.
Lawmakers Propose Federal Egg-Production Bill
Dianne Feinstein has proposed legislation that would require all US egg producers to enlarge hens’ cages.
Bill Gates Commends Plant-Based Products Industry
The Microsoft chairman described the environmental and ethical impact of meat and dairy alternatives.
NYC Proposes Ban on Junk Food at Jail Commissaries
Although in its initial planning stage, the ban would prohibit the sale of foods such as candy, chips, and pastries.
Welfare Group Calls for Audit of USDA Program
The Process Verified Program has come under fire following the release of an Animal Welfare Institute report.
Vegan Nutritionist Receives Health Leadership Award
Wellness practitioner Latham Thomas is the latest recipient of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s alumni award.
Farm Sanctuary Rallies to Save Canadian Enviropigs
The animal-rescue group is protesting researchers’ decision to euthanize 16 genetically engineered animals.
Illinois Senate Approves Ban on Shark Fins
If enacted, Illinois would become the first state with no coastline to ban the Chinese delicacy.
Americans Value Access to Fresh Produce, Study Says
According to a new survey, Americans are increasingly supportive of locally and ethically grown fruits and vegetables.
All-Vegan Grocery Store Coming to Denver in July
Nooch Vegan Market will offer a convenient place to buy specialty goods that are otherwise unavailable in the area.
Red Meat and Butter May Impair Brain Function
A new study published in Annals of Neurology links fat found in meat and dairy to poor cognitive health.
Banned Antibiotics Found in Imported Shrimp
In a small national sample, 10 percent of store-bought shrimp contained residue of illegal pharmaceuticals.
5 Asian Countries Making Strides for Animals
Culture surrounding animal welfare has shifted throughout Asia, as more people join forces to create change.
Missouri Passes Ag-Gag Compromise Legislation
The State Senate has passed a diluted ag-gag bill with less severe provisions than the House originally proposed.
Tasmania Announces Major Statewide Welfare Reforms
The Australian island state is working to ban the use of battery cages, followed by a ban on gestation crates next year.
Animal Sanctuaries Sue Over Abandoned Hens in CA
Three rescue groups are suing the owners of a Northern California farm after they allegedly left their hens to die.
Culture Affects Men’s Perception of Meat, Study Says
Researchers from numerous American universities have determined that men feel meat is manlier than vegetables.
New Fake Chicken to Debut at Select Whole Foods
Beyond Meat is preparing to test its products in California before moving toward national distribution.
New South Wales to Up Domestic Welfare Standards
The state will now require animal-welfare officers to monitor practices at all local slaughterhouses.
Canadian Activist: Veganism Should Be a Human Right
Law school graduate Camille Labchuk hopes to get veganism recognized under Canadian human-rights legislation.
Denny’s Bans Use of Gestation Crates in Pork Supply
Following in the footsteps of other major restaurant chains, the diner has pledged to phase out the crates.
Poland Bans GE Corn to Protect Bee Populations
Following protests from bee advocates, Poland has banned the use of an insecticide-producing Monsanto seed.
Use of Drugs in Ethanol Production Incites Concern
State reps are troubled over a report linking ethanol grains—common livestock feed—to antibiotic resistance.
Taiwanese Government Proposes Ban on Mercy Releases
Officials want to prohibit the Buddhist rite, which it says causes millions of animals to die each year.
Scientists Say Dairy Cows Contribute to LA Smog
A study in Geophysical Research Letters points to emissions from dairy cows as a significant source of pollution.
British Firm Suspends Giant Foie Gras Project
Creek Project Investments is reconsidering its investment in China’s largest foie gras farm after receiving complaints.
Kathy Freston Links Chicken Consumption to Obesity
The author and health guru discusses chicken’s high fat content in a new Huffington Post essay.
New Hospital Will Treat Animals from Factory Farms
Farm Sanctuary’s Melrose Small Animal Hospital aims to provide emergency care to rescued animals.
Celebs Encourage Significant Others to Go Vegan
Veg stars Carrie Underwood and Lea Michele are hoping to influence their partners’ dietary choices.
Farm Runoff Could Spread Superbugs, Scientists Say
New research suggests that environmental factors may lead to the rise of drug-resistant pathogens.
Welfare Organizations Sue USDA Over Foie Gras Sale
The groups say the agency has violated a law that prohibits the sale of infected poultry products.
Bill Clinton Advocates for Vegan Diet on Ellen
The former president recommends an unprocessed plant-based diet for optimum cardiovascular health.
Ban on Foie Gras Remains, Despite Chefs’ Wishes
California lawmakers have rejected local chefs’ pleas to reverse the upcoming ban on foie gras.
Canadian Fast-Food Giant Announces Welfare Reforms
Tim Hortons, the country’s largest fast-food chain, has announced its new animal-welfare policies.
Maryland Bans the Use of Arsenic in Chicken Feed
The state has passed a bill designed to prevent arsenic from contaminating local soil and water.
Disliking Pork May Be Due to Gene Sequence, Scientists Say
New research has found a genetic variation that determines how humans respond to the smell of pork.
Ban on Pig Crates Could Decrease EU Pork Supply
The European Union’s new welfare rules could force numerous pig farms to close and curb exports.
Vegan Eatery in Salt Lake City Seeks Start-Up Funds
Frisch hopes to raise $8,000 using community-funding platform Kickstarter before its May 20 deadline.
Farm and Food Industries Fight Animal-Cruelty Bills
In California, approved legislation outlawing cruel farming practices has been met with opposition.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s 9 Hottest Vegan-Friendly Eateries
This hip neighborhood isn’t just the go-to for arts and culture, it also boasts some delicious vegan food.
Renowned LA Chef Gives Up Meat, Might End Career
Roy Choi, co-founder of Kogi BBQ, is renouncing meat-eating and, consequently, the food industry.
NPR Discusses the Challenges of Making Vegan Cheese
The news outlet says we’re getting closer to the real deal when it comes to cheese substitutes.
Neglected Animals Rescued from East Otto, NY Farm
The owner of the farm faces misdemeanor animal-cruelty and neglect charges following an SPCA raid.
Children Benefit from Companion Animals, Study Says
A new study says that animals—even snakes and spiders—are more engaging to young children than toys.

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