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Bust Magazine Hosting First All-Vegan Craft Fair
The magazine is looking for vendors to showcase their goods at its Craftacular event in June.
Actress Bo Derek Fights to End Horse Slaughter
At a recent news conference, Derek voiced her support for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.
Ellen Discusses Her Challenging Road to Veganism
In a new interview with the Associated Press, the comedian says that going veg wasn’t always easy.
Santa Cruz, CA Celebrating First VegWeek
The Board of Supervisors Chair is urging residents to try out a vegetarian diet through Sunday.
Burger King Announces New Animal-Welfare Policy
The fast-food restaurant has decided to only source pork and eggs from cage-free facilities by 2017.
USDA Unveils Plan to Prevent Drug Residue in Meat
The agency’s preventative measures include testing farms that are repeat offenders more frequently.
International Nonprofit Exposes Abuse on UK Pig Farm
Animal Equality has released undercover footage revealing cruelty on East Anglian Pig Company farms.
Second Customer Collapses at Heart Attack Grill
Another diner has suffered a medical emergency while eating at the meat and lard-laden burger joint.
Vegan Women of Color Break New Ground
Vegan women of color around the country are on a mission to prove just how connected animal welfare is to gender, race, and class issues.
Vegans Respond to Controversy Over Veg Parenting
Media coverage of vegan parenting has ignited a debate about raising children on a plant-based diet.
Vegan Bakery Opens Permanent Storefront in Phoenix
Treehouse Bakery, a much-loved Public Market mainstay, debuts its new location today.
Michigan Nonprofit Debuts Vegan Billboard Campaign
The campaign is designed to educate residents about the health and ethical reasons for going vegan.
Disney World to Feature a Vegan Handbag Company
The amusement park’s new sustainability-focused attraction will feature vegan bags by Pansy Maiden.
Morrissey Discusses Animal Welfare and Veg Diet
In a new interview with the Phillipine Star, the singer and activist says eating meat is outdated.
Starbucks to Discontinue Use of Bug-Based Extract
The company announced that it will replace cochineal extract with a plant-based dye in all products.
HSUS Files Formal Complaint Against Pork Industry
The organization alleges that National Pork Producers Council used deceptive advertising tactics.
New Poll Illuminates Veg Consumers’ Dietary Choices
The Vegetarian Resource Group has released the results of its latest national phone survey.
Missouri’s Ag-Gag Bill Met with Opposition in House
Rep. Tracy McCreery attempted to amend the legislation using an Animal Legal Defense Fund campaign.
Debate Over Veganism Heats up on NY Times Room for Debate
A broad range of experts, including vegan authors, discuss plant-based eating on the site’s forum.
Vegan Boutique Launches Kickstarter Campaign
Mission Savvy, located in West Virginia, hopes to raise $8,000 for a traveling vegan food cart.
Scientists: Halve Meat Consumption to Fight Global Warming
A new study says the developed world needs to eat half as much meat to curb nitrous oxide emissions.
Australian Farms Still Phasing Out Gestation Crates
Eighteen months after pork producers pledged to phase out the stalls, pigs still remain confined.
New Vegan Fast-Food Joint Opening in Philadelphia Today
The restaurant features a menu created with help from celebrated vegan chef Rich Landau.
PCRM Finds E. coli in Nearly Half of Supermarket Chicken
The organization says 48 percent of chicken products tested positive for fecal contamination.
New Jersey Cow Finds New Home After Slaughterhouse Escape
After being chased by police, the cow was transported to New York’s Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.
HSUS Investigation Exposes Inhumane Conditions at PA Farm
Undercover footage reveals filthy conditions and animal suffering at Kreider egg-producing farm.
Major Food-Service Company Reports Increase in Veg Meals
After launching Meatless Mondays at its facilities, Sodexo says more customers are choosing veggies.
FDA Unveils New Plan to Reduce Growth-Promoting Antibiotics
The government agency has created a voluntary policy to end the use of antibiotics in farm animals.
Lewis and Clark Law School Delves into Farm-Animal Policy
Lawyer and Our Hen House Co-founder Mariann Sullivan will teach a course on animal law this fall.
Yelp Launches Special Search Filter for Vegetarians
The online business directory has created Yelpy Insights to point users to veg-approved eateries.
Common Pesticides Threatening Salmon Populations
A federal conservation agency is proposing a no-spray buffer zone near West Coast salmon habitats.
Ian Somerhalder Opening Animal Sanctuary
The actor and animal-welfare advocate hopes the program will help youth with behavioral problems.
Restaurant Faces Lawsuit After Calling Fois Gras Humane
The Animal Protection and Rescue League says the restaurant’s false advertising misled consumers.
5 Vegan-Friendly Towns on our Radar
These cities are putting themselves on the map as up-and-coming veg destinations.
Lance Armstrong Experiments with Engine 2 Diet Plan
The cyclist tells The Huffington Post he is incorporating more plant-based meals into his diet.
Minneapolis Signs Urban-Farming Policy to Protect Chickens
The city’s new ordinance bans the use of chickens for personal agricultural or commercial ventures.
Meds and Banned Antibiotics Routinely Fed to Chickens
According to a new study, questionable substances and chemicals are being used in chicken feed.
Scientists Find Plant-Based Substitute for Perfume Ingredient
A compound derived from the digestive secretions of sperm whales is no longer needed in perfume.
New Study Says Bringing Dogs to Work Reduces Stress
Employees with dogs present reported a rate of job satisfaction that surpassed industry norms.
Animal-Welfare Advocates Decry Cruel Easter Traditions
The perennial popularity of gifting rabbits and chicks on Easter is raising concern among activists.
First-Annual Chicago Veggie Pride Parade this June
The summer celebration represents an effort to unite the city’s vegetarian and vegan communities.
Starbucks Exploring Alternatives to Bug-Based Extract
Consumer outcry has prompted Starbucks to reconsider its use of an insect-based red food dye.
“Pink Slime” Processor Goes Bankrupt
As demand for ground-beef products drops dramatically, AFA Foods faces bankruptcy and staff layoffs.
Idaho Approves Three-Strikes Law for Animal Cruelty
If signed into law by Gov. Butch Otter, three animal-cruelty misdemeanors could constitute a felony.
Pigs with Visible Lesions More Likely to Carry Salmonella
Researchers from Iowa State have linked the presence of lesions to Salmonella contamination in pigs.
Roots Drummer Questlove Tries Out a Vegan Diet
The hip-hop musician is the latest star to experiment with a plant-based diet for health reasons.
European Union Pushes for Ban on Shark Finning
If European Parliament approves the ban, fishermen will have to land sharks with their fins intact.
Vegan Dietitian Presenting at Sold-Out TED Conference
Julieanna Hever will discuss the personal and global impact of veganism at a sold-out conference.
Dutch Mock-Meat Company Hopes to Cash in on PETA Prize
The Vegetarian Butcher seeks a retail partner to help it get its product in US stores.
70-Year-Old Raw Vegan Makes Headlines Due to Striking Appearance
Video of Annette Larkins has gone viral following her appearance on a local news channel.

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