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New “Veggie Crawl” to Reveal Charleston, SC Vegan Hot Spots
Plant-powered walking tour highlights the Southern city’s vegan gems.
Vegan Company to Launch Innovative New Seafood Meals
Sophie’s Kitchen introduces plant-based lobster macaroni and cheese and seafood jambalaya.
10 New “Hipster” Whole Foods Locations Announced
First two 365 by Whole Foods Market stores will feature full dine-in vegan restaurants and cafés.
Thousands Wait in Line for UK Town’s First Veg Fest
Organizers of Dorset Vegan’s first vegan fair were shocked when more than 1,200 people showed up for the event.
HSUS President Talks Veganism with Bill Maher
Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States is a guest on the popular HBO news program.
Beyoncé Invests in Watermelon Water Company
Recording artist and plant-based company co-owner has been drinking watermelon.
Barnum & Bailey Officially Retires Circus Elephants
11 elephants will be transitioned to a conservation center in Florida for retirement—and, sadly, cancer research.
Food Writer Fooled by New Animal-Free Burger
Bon Appétit editor was shocked by realistic “bleeding” burger.
New Vegan Powdered Coffee Creamer Hits Market
Made from non-GMO coconut cream and free of carrageenan, the new travel-friendly product is a vegan alternative to casein-filled, non-dairy creamers.
Off-Broadway Play to Honor Vegan Activist Dick Gregory
Recording artist John Legend will write and produce an original song for the production.
New Matthew Kenney Restaurant Slated For May Opening
Arata will open Memorial Day weekend in Maine and joins the restaurateur’s growing plant-based empire.
Innovative Vegan Restaurants Open Outside of Sydney
Sydney’s Bondi suburb is now home to a “Znickers mylkshake”-making sweet shop and an entirely milk-free coffee shop.
Researchers Create Cruelty-Free Leather Made from Kombucha
A mixture of fiber from the fermented tea, sugar, vinegar, bacteria, and yeast yields a new material that some hope can replace animal-based leather.
New Vegan Consulting Firm Launches This Week
Vegan businesses and organizations can now benefit from the media and marketing expertise of Vegan Street Media & Consulting.
Queen of England Awards Vegan Chocolate Company
Annual award is given to businesses that demonstrate excellence in growth and export earnings.
New Website Founded to Connect Black Vegan Community
Launched in January, Black Vegans Rock serves as an online homebase for the black vegan community.
This Weekend's VegFest LA Expects Record Attendance
VegFest Los Angeles will offer up international vegan food, animal adoptions, and an eco-marketplace.
Vegan Summer Camp To Be Held in NY, CA, and MA
Founded by long-time vegan Nora Kramer, the Youth Empowered Action summer camp fosters leadership skills to budding activists.
Wendy’s Vegan-Friendly Burger a Hit in Test Markets
Social media analysts say online conversations around the veganizeable burger are three times more positive than about the fast-food chain itself.
Vegan April Fool’s Gag Becomes Best-Seller at Restaurant
“Plantbased Disgrace” was initially conceived as a joke on hipsters, but drew such demand that restaurant owners put the $35 burger on the menu.
World Could Thrive Without Deforestation by Going Vegan
Researchers sought to dispel the myth that deforestation is necessary to feed the growing global population, and veganism is the best option.
Mexican Street Snacks, Veganized!
From elotes to chamoyadas, spice up your next picnic with veganized, homemade versions of popular Mexican street food.
Vegan Passover Seder Options Profiled in LA Times
Without wheat, rice, corn, or beans, a vegan holiday feast may be tricky but not impossible.
Vegan Dad Returns Restaurant Lobster to Sea, Goes Viral
Iain Stewart’s compassionate rescue of a lobster has many animal groups hailing him a hero.
Pepsi Shifting Focus from Soda to Healthier Options
PepsiCo’s healthier, veg-friendly brands of drinks and snacks now account for the same amount of global sales as all its soda properties.
DJ Khaled Completes Vegan Challenge, Sticks With It
Hip-hop producer and social media mogul reportedly continues with plant-based diet after concluding 22-day challenge.
99.6% of Germans Test Positive for Monsanto Poisoning
Study reveals that meat-eaters and children are among most affected by dangerously high levels of herbicide exposure.
Police Shut Down Veg Restaurant Opening Due to Crowds
New vegan diner in Berlin drew a crowd of 300 patrons, plus another 800 lined up for vegan beer and burgers.
Paul McCartney and PETA Name Portland Top Vegan City
The City of Roses receives top honors thanks to countless vegan restaurants, a plant-based summer camp, and even an all-vegan strip club.
New Pea-Based Vegan Milk Launching at Whole Foods, Target
Ripple milks are made from non-GMO pea protein, are allergen-friendly, and have eight times more protein than almond milk.
Los Angeles Times Names Top Vegan Ice Cream and Fro-Yo
Southern California businesses doling out creamy frozen treats get a shoutout.
Experts Argue Why Only A Vegan Could Defeat Negan
Infamous villain of The Walking Dead would stand no chance against a savvy apocalyptic animal-free eater, Psychology Today says.
First Vegan Hip-Hop Tour to Kick Off in New York City
Hip-hop tour embarks on a three-month nationwide trek, serving vegan dinners to youth and strengthening the connection between health, wellness, and hip-hop.
Man Goes on Year-Long Potato-Only Diet, Feels “Amazing”
Melbourne man down 63 pounds on day 105 of food experiment to help fight food addiction.
Octopus Escapes New Zealand Aquarium, Finds Freedom
Inky the octopus seizes the opportunity to flee captivity and find freedom in the Pacific Ocean.
Vegan Author Hosts Compassion Immersion Retreat
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau of the Food for Thought podcast will lead the first-annual retreat aimed at increasing global compassion.
Campaign Launched to Keep Australian Vegan Butcher Shop Open
Sydney’s first vegan butcher shop is in danger of closing.
Veggie Grill to Expand Outside West Coast
College campuses, airports, and cities across the US may soon have locations of the popular vegan fast-food chain.
Tiger Populations on the Rise for First Time in 100 Years
New data shows promising figures for the future of a once near-extinct species.
Jungle Book Film Awarded for Sparing Animal Lives
Instead of using wild animals in captivity, the upcoming motion picture uses stunning CGI to bring beloved characters Mowgli and Baloo to life.
First Instagram-Friendly Vegan Matcha Bar Opens
Melbourne, Australia’s Matcha Mylkbar has lines of customers down the street waiting to try its matcha-infused menu and vegan eggs.
All Walmart Locations in the United States to Go Cage-Free
All 4,573 of the retail-chain's outlets, which account for 25 percent of groceries sold in the US, has pledged to source eggs only from sources without battery cage confinement.
New Millennial-Focused Whole Foods Opening in May
Los Angeles will see the smaller, more affordable concept store—complete with a by CHLOE restaurant—opening near spring’s end.
Vegan Preschoolers Profiled by Wall Street Journal
Students at The Scandinavian School in New Jersey help prepare their own low-sugar, low-salt organic vegan meals after harvesting fresh produce from their garden.
By CHLOE’s “Magic Mushroom Bacon” Recipe Revealed
Pending the opening of Los Angeles’ first by CHLOE restaurant, local LA publication gets its hands on the recipe for “the best vegetarian bacon out there.”
Brooklyn Vegan Bakery Closes, New One Opens in its Place
Vegan cappuccino cheesecakes, chocolate croissants, monkey bread, and tres leches cupcakes are all now available at Brooklyn’s newest vegan bakery.
Study Finds Formaldehyde, Detergent in Milk
Urea—a compound found in urine and commonly used in fertilizers—was among other adulterants found in contaminated milk samples.
Jon Stewart Helps Save Runaway Bull From Slaughterhouse
Frank Lee, an Angus bull, escaped his fate at the hands of a butcher and ran free in New York, before arriving at his new permanent home at Farm Sanctuary.
Southern California Surfers Open Vegan Cookie Shop
Brothers Kyle and Wesley Stuart sell their vegan coconut cranberry cookies from their porch-front before catching some waves.
Veganism Enjoys Time in Fast-Food Spotlight
Restaurants such as The Cinnamon Snail and HipCityVeg are flourishing by attracting customers with trendy, Instagram-worthy vegan food.

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