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Elderly Activist Faces Charges for Disrupting Kangaroo Cull
Christiaan Klootwijk’s alleged whistling and shouting could disrupt an Australian kangaroo cull, a move applauded by animal-rights activists.
Senator Cory Booker Talks Veganism, Vice Presidency
Booker’s appearance on The Daily Show drew big applause when mentioning his veganism.
SeaWorld Admits to Spying on PETA for Years
After a SeaWorld employee was caught infiltrating the animal-rights organization, the theme park’s CEO has called for management to put an end to having employees pose as activists.
Jay Astafa Wins National Vegan Iron Chef Competition
Long Island vegan restaurateur wins the Vegan Iron Chef All-Star competition in San Francisco.
Black Sabbath Founder Fights for Cat Declawing Ban
New York may become the first state in the US to ban cat declawing if Geezer Butler has anything to do with it.
Racing Champ: “Meat Eating, Emissions Must be Reduced”
Vegan race car driver Leilani Münter was featured in The Guardian, calling for an overhaul of both dietary guidelines and greenhouse gas emission limitations.
Second Plant Food + Wine to Open in Miami This Week
Fine-dining restaurant marks owner Matthew Kenney’s fourth vegan project in approximately a year.
Bill Clinton Explains Why He’s Not 100-Percent Vegan
Former US president visits Las Vegas vegan restaurant while on the campaign trail with wife Hillary Clinton.
VegNews Celebrates Black History Month: Bryant Terry
In this exclusive interview with VegNews, famed chef and author Bryant Terry speaks about his efforts to reverse America’s health crisis with whole, traditionally Black foods.
FDA Tests “100% Parmesan” Products, Finds Wood Pulp
New Follow Your Heart vegan Parmesan products remain unaffected by wood-pulp contamination "real" cheese makers are facing.
Desalinated Deep-Sea Bottled Water to Hit US Markets
Kona Deep will be available across West Coast markets soon and throughout the US by the year’s end.
FBI to Treat Animal Abuse as Seriously as Murder
Data on crime-committers, trends, and effectiveness of programs will now be much more trackable.
A Vegan’s Reunion with Ben & Jerry’s
One VegNews editor details the harrowing moments before his reintroduction to the popular ice cream brand.
Vegan Iron Chef Returns to San Francisco
An All-Stars competition will pit past winners against each other for the title of ultimate Vegan Iron Chef.
First Vegan Tiki Bar Makes Waves in Seattle
No Bones Beach Club is bringing a Southern California-meets-Asian tropical paradise to Seattle.
Waka Flocka Flame Shares Homemade Vegan Muffins
Famed rapper and 19-year-old singer/songwriter Raury bake their own vegan baked goods and talk about their meat-free lifestyles.
Nevada’s Last Animal Gas Chamber Shuts Down
Utah will follow suit, decommissioning its carbon monoxide chambers by 2018.
Meat-free Eating Jumps Double Digits in New Zealand
New poll indicates more Kiwis are saying no to meat.
VegNews Celebrates Black History Month: Clifton Roberts
In this exclusive interview with VegNews, vegan presidential nominee Clifton Roberts talks about his heritage, his compassionate values, and his vision for America.
Britain’s Biggest Award Show Offers Vegan Menu
BAFTAs to provide a vegan menu for Britain’s best in television and film.
McDonald’s Launches Calorie-Bomb Kale Salads
New “Keep Calm Caesar On” kale salad has more calories and sodium than a Double Big Mac.
Petition Launched Demanding Vegan Hershey's Kisses
In Defense of Animals is making the case for Hershey’s to offer a dairy-free version.
VegNews Celebrates Black History Month: Eugene Cooke
In this exclusive interview with VegNews, food-justice activist Eugene Cooke discusses how a plant-based lifestyle can transform personal health, the food landscape, and communities of color.
Europe’s First Vegan Pizza Restaurant Adored by Diners
Purezza’s indulgent, Tuscan-inspired menu has British eaters singing “that’s amore.”
Vegan Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Coming to Brooklyn
Vegan Shop-Up is celebrating its sixth anniversary with a full blowout at one of New York City’s first vegan bars.
First Vegan Feminist Horror Film Debuts
Award-winning short film The Herd presents a disturbing, terrifying look at a world where cows are replaced with women.
First "0% Dairy Creamery" Opening in Vancouver
Vancouver is preparing for a serious dairy-free development with the opening of Nice Vice microcreamery.
Pea Protein Highlighted on Popsugar
Vegan protein source is being praised for its high nutrient content and versatility.
Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream Line Revealed
PB & Cookies, Coffee Caramel Fudge, Chunky Monkey, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavors will finally be available for vegan ice cream lovers.
VegNews Celebrates Black History Month: Tracye McQuirter
In this exclusive interview with VegNews, famed author and nutritionist Tracye McQuirter discusses the black pioneers of the vegan movement.
New Startup Will Make Raising Animals as Food “Unthinkable”
Memphis Meats is one of the newest—but most promising—contenders in the race to produce animal-free meat.
Second New Vegan Oreo Flavor Announced
Fresh off last month’s cinnamon bun-flavored reveal, a new chocolate-filled-cupcake edition is hitting shelves next week.
Prolific Vegan Bodybuilder Jim Morris Dies at Age 80
Former Mr. USA and 15-year vegan died in his Venice, CA home Thursday.
Vegan Cork-Leather Jackets Break Crowdfunding Records
German fashion company is amassing a loyal following thanks to its innovative material and strong ethical practices.
Fiorina Calls on Pork Producers to “Restore Nation’s Character”
Presidential hopeful chided an audience member for implying that pork production is cruel, citing his question as “exactly why we need to take our country back.”
Popular UK Cookbook Author Goes Vegan After Veganuary
Jack Monroe says “cooking has taken on a new life” after ditching meat.
Louisville Vegan Food Truck to Launch National Delivery
Southern comfort food fans across the nation will soon be able to create their own food truck-inspired vegan meals complements of Louisville’s own V-Grits.
Pregnant Cow Saved From Drowning by Good Samaritans
A foot of water almost proved deadly, but quick action helped save a paralyzed cow’s life.
UK Warns of Possible Milk Contamination in Coconut Drinks
Precautions come after severe reactions and even death have occurred after mislabeling incidents.
Colorado Man Receives $262,000 After Cops Kill Dog
“I can’t replace Chloe. There are so many dogs being shot needlessly. It needs to come to a stop.”
Former Boxer Goes Vegan, Returns to Ring, Wins Big
Heavyweight champion and new vegan David Haye came out of an injury-induced retirement and defeated his first opponent in 131 seconds.
Chicken Factory Farms Cause Pollution Nightmare for NC
Noxious ammonia fumes, poultry waste, polluted waterways, and gag-inducing odor are plaguing North Carolina residents as giant chicken farms encroach on residential areas.
Startup Company Sells, Delivers Healthy Food for Cheap
Thrive Market is making making waves by eliminating the price and geographic barriers for grocery shoppers looking for more organic, vegan options.
Vegan Heavyweight Champion Signs to WWE
15-year industry veteran Austin Aries joins the biggest entity in sports entertainment.
Teacher Suspended for Showing Slaughterhouse Video
Michigan teacher’s job is threatened after showing his students the truth behind pork production.
NYC Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Finds Home at Sanctuary
Runaway cow who trotted through Queens, NY has been saved—and named Freddie—by a New Jersey animal sanctuary.
An Open Letter to the Kardashians
Dear Kardashians: Go vegan already.
Milk Producers React to Trader Joe's Soy Milk Lawsuit
Following a ruling that Trader Joe's has the right to use the word "milk" in its soy milks, a national group of milk producers are voicing their dissent.
Wendy’s Goes Vegan with New Burger Option
The plant-based burger, which boasts 14 grams of protein, is available in select locations starting this month.
Study Works to Uncover Fish Mortality Rate
Researchers are surprised by findings of just how many fish are dying after being inadvertently caught in the commercial fishing industry.

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