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Enter the Meatless Monday School Essay Contest
VegNews editor Elizabeth Castoria and best-selling author Rory Freedman want to know why you think people should give up meat on Mondays.
Tal Ronnen Releases a New Line of Vegan Cheese
Besides opening an LA-based Mediterranean restaurant with Travis Barker, celebrity veg-chef Tal Ronnen is concocting a new line of nut-based artisan cheese.
Why 160 Countries Say "No" to US Meat
The animal growth stimulant ractopamine is banned all over the globe, but the US refuses to stop using it.
Ke$ha Speaks Out Against Cosmetics Animal Testing
The list of celebrities who have joined the HSUS’ Be Cruelty-Free Week campaign continues to grow with the addition of Ke$ha and Colbie Caillat.
Whole Foods Market Will Label All GMO Products
Amid the struggle for product transparency in the food industry, Whole Foods Market takes the matter into its own hands.
Poll: Americans Oppose Cosmetics Testing on Animals
The sale of cosmetics that are tested on animals has been banned by the European Union. Is the United States next?
Emily Deschanel Advocates for Marine Animals
In a new YouTube video, the television star reveals the heavy toll the fishing industry takes on ocean wildlife.
New Research Links Processed Meat to Early Death
An international study has found a correlation between consuming bacon and sausage and an increased likelihood of premature death.
NBA Player Glen Davis Goes Vegan to Get Fit
NBA Player Glen Davis Goes Vegan to Get Fit
Polar Bears as Threatened Species is Challenged
In 2008, the US Fish and Wildlife Service made the import of polar bear trophies illegal, and the US Court upholds its decision.
Wildlife Trafficking Kingpin Cannot Be Caught
Despite international authority’s best efforts, the “Pablo Escobar of Wildlife Trafficking” seems to be untouchable.
Washington Post Food Editor Deletes Meat From Diet
In a recent op-ed piece, Joe Yonan details his odyssey toward a meat-free lifestyle.
43 Live Roosters Discovered in Cockfighting Raid
The HSUS puts pressure on Ohio legislators to follow its fellow Great Lakes states in making cockfighting a felony.
Los Angeles School System Adopts Meatless Mondays
One of the largest school districts in the US will serve nearly 650,000 vegetarian meals to its student body every Monday.
Celebrity Poker Tournament Benefits Farm Sanctuary
Join Kevin Nealon for a night of poker, entertainment, and delicious cuisine, all to benefit animal-welfare non-profit Farm Sanctuary.
Tia Mowry and Husband Cory Adopt a Vegan Diet
The Sister, Sister star has been eating a plant-based diet since January, and she shares one of her homemade creations on Alicia Silverstone’s vegan blog.
Iowa Factory Farm Fined $10,000 After Waste Spill
A Midwest sow facility forced to pay thousands after liquid waste contaminates nearby waterway.
Vegan Figure Skater Wins Silver In Team Event
Cruelty-free Canadian skater Meagan Duhamel and her partner garnered a silver medal at this year’s Olympic games in Sochi, Russia.
Vegan Food is a Thriving Billion Dollar Industry
Veganism’s market share increases as America’s consumer-base becomes more health-conscious and ethically oriented.
Transit Authority Refuses to Run Factory Farm Ads
North Carolina is the second largest pork producer, but Raleigh’s transit authority will not run gestation crate PSAs.
Vegan Handbag Co. Finalist in Business Competition
Vote Pansy Maiden to victory as the fashion forward company enters the home stretch in a business pitch competition.

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