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Isa Chandra to Open Omaha’s First Vegan Eatery
The lauded cruelty-free cooking connoisseur will open a vegan comfort food restaurant in Nebraska.
Mayim Bailik Shares Mother’s Thanksgivukkah Menu
From Hebrew alphabet soup to Pumpkin Squash Kreplach, the sitcom star’s food enthusiast mother plans a well-rounded feast for Thanksgivukkah.
Undercover Investigation Reveals Baby Cow Abuse
Footage from a Colorado cattle facility shows workers kicking and dragging baby cows by their ears.
Papa John’s Pizza Eliminates Gestation Crates
The pizza franchise joins the growing list of mainstream establishments in ridding their supply chains of gestation crates.
Teen Activist Leads Veggie Burger School Campaign
Using a petition, a 16-year-old animal rights activist convinced school administrators to introduce more humane food options in the school’s cafeteria.
Environmentalist CEO Promotes Plant-Based Diets
Former Goldman Sachs director Mark Tercek believes that conservation starts with what’s on our dinner plates.
Ariana Grande Announces Vegan Lifestyle on Twitter
The Victorious actress told her thousands of Twitter followers last week that she was going cruelty-free.
Five-Course Vegan Pop-Up Planned in Sacramento
On November 16, Sacramento culinary veteran Sylvanna Mislang will prepare a vegan pop-up feast using fresh-picked ingredients.
Israeli Prime Minister Cuts Down Meat Consumption
Binyamin Netanyahu says he and his wife have reduced the meat in their diets for environmental and animal-welfare reasons.
NJ Lawmakers to Override Gestation Crate-Ban Veto
Governor Chris Christie vetoed an anti-gestation crate bill passed by Jersey politicians, and now they’re attempting to override his political move.
Compton Public Schools Go Meatless on Mondays
The California School District joins the growing list of public schools throughout the country that have instituted Meatless Mondays.
Emory University Cafeterias Go Meatless on Mondays
The Southern university’s students and professors have taken to the vegetarian campaign.
Supermarket Company Phases out Gestation Crates
Major food retailers throughout the United States will no longer stock meat that comes from gestation crates.
Congressional Clash May Lead to Rising Dairy Costs
If members of congress cannot pass this year’s Farm Bill, the price of milk may double.
China to Phase Out Cosmetics Testing on Animals
China will now allow domestic companies to use pre-existing data and European Union methods to approve certain cosmetics.
Kellan Lutz Protests Inhumane Seafood Slaughter
Twilight actor writes a letter of complaint to the Linda Bean Lobster Company after watching disturbing footage of the animals being processed.
DC Dining Scene Embraces Vegetarian Menu Items
Many omnivore-oriented restaurants in the nation’s capital are offering an increasing number of vegan and vegetarian dishes.
NFL Star Maurice Jones-Drew Joins Anti-Fur Effort
The football player says his dogs helped him realize that “animals have lives and souls” and fur is a cruel enterprise.
Humane Society to Host Anti-Puppy Mill Award Gala
Leaders and officials from the entertainment and political world will congregate in Palm Beach to show support for HSUS’ struggle against puppy mills.
New Film BlackFish Causes SeaWorld Stocks to Sink
The documentary centered on SeaWorld’s inhumane animal treatment may be the cause of its stock’s sudden drop in value.
Research Shows Mushrooms May Be Replacing Meat
Mushrooms have long been meat substitutes for vegetarians, but now they may be replacing beef in the mainstream arena.
US Government to Crush Six Tons of Illegal Ivory
As elephants and rhinos face extinction, the federal government is destroying a large cache of ivory it has been confiscating since the 1980s.
Chinese Fish Farmers Use Bird Manure for Feed
In China as well as Vietnam, fish and shrimp are exposed to bacteria-laden ice, and are fed bird feces before being shipped to the US.
Meat Company to Label its “Pink Slime” Ground Beef
Cargill Inc. will use package labeling to alert the public that its ground beef contains “pink slime” finely textured beef.
Biao Skincare Joins Anti-Animal Testing Campaign
“Beautiful women tested” Biao Skincare is animal- and eco-friendly with its packaging and production.
Milk Consumption is Declining Among Americans
A USDA report shows that milk is becoming less of a staple beverage in the US.
President Obama Fails to Regulate Meat Industry
Political news source Mother Jones says that Obama has allowed animal agriculture businesses to continually threaten the environment and consumer safety.
Emergency Injunction Halts Horse Slaughter in US
HSUS and other animal-advocacy groups continue to issue court orders to prevent horse slaughter from continuing in two US plants.
Thanksgiving Tool Kit: Four Great Ways To Do Turkey Day Your Way
Give Thanksgiving a vegan flare with these four animal-friendly ideas.
Animal Rights Activist Receives Non-Violence Award
The Carnism Awareness and Action Network founder was honored by the Institute of Jainology for her efforts to end animal suffering.
Ellen and Petco Host Animal-Welfare Competition
Animal shelters across the country can win up to $100,000 for their heartwarming rescue stories.
Business Insider Names 12 Veg Supermarket Staples
The market place media outlet lists 12 comfort food classics that don’t have any animal products.
Research Reveals Dogs’ Emotional Intelligence
Scientist have found that dogs can tell when one of their fellow canines is in distress by the direction their tail is wagging.
Veg Army Captain Finishes Marathon in Record Time
Army captain and marathon runner Kelly Calway proves that you don’t need meat to be a high-performance athlete.
Farm Sanctuary Joins Free Birds to Help Turkeys
Animated turkeys Reggie and Jake are appealing to the public to sponsor Farm Sanctuary’s gobbling guests this Thanksgiving.
Non-profit Fundraises for Monthly Veg Starter Kit
The Food Empowerment Project is raising money to publish Food Chain, a 12-installment guide to help people transition to veganism.
Animal Exhibitor Cited for Multiple Violations
A Florida-based animal exhibitor may face $500,000 dollars in fines due to illegal operations and neglect.
Poultry Plants Increase Efficiency and Inhumanity
Chicken and turkey processing plants will increase the speed of their processing lines causing more birds to be boiled alive.
Humane Society Fights for Meat Origin Transparency
The HSUS and several agriculture organizations urge the courts to enforce a law that will mandate country-of-origin meat labeling.
Compassion Over Killing Hosts Veg Book Fair in LA
Vegan authors will talk about their books and field questions from readers at COK’s book fair.
Forbes Says High-End Vegan Dining Is A Top Trend
According to the business publication, exquisite vegan restaurants with “photogenic” dishes are in vogue.
New Vegetarian Food Pyramid Unveiled by Non-profit
Health professionals have joined wellness organization, Oldways, to create dietary guidelines for vegans and vegetarians.
Robin Quivers Shows Rachael Ray How to Cook Vegan
Quivers showed Ray’s audience that the right spices along with raw cashews can transform a dairy-laden dish into a healthy, creamy, vegan medley.
Philadelphia Passes Meatless Monday Resolution
The City of Brotherly Love has taken a step toward a more humane, healthy, and eco-friendly existence, with its institution of Meatless Mondays.
Footage Shows Abuse at Walmart Pork Suppliers
Undercover investigation reveals workers slamming piglets into concretes, snipping off tails without anesthesia, and workers battering mother pigs.
New Orleans Gumbo Festival Hosts Vegan Cook-Off
At this year’s Tremé Creole Gumbo Festival, vendors will prepare cruelty-free options to be judged in a contest.
Red and Processed Meat Linked to Colorectal Cancer
After analyzing thousands of patients and millions of genetic sequences, scientists have found that red and processed meat heightens the risk of developing colorectal cancer.
Los Angeles Backyard Butcher Brought to Justice
Roberto Celedon will face three years in state prison after being convicted of felony animal-cruelty for the second time in two years.
Bay Area Bakery Raises Funds for Retail Location
Bay Area vegan business Wholesome Bakery has taken to Indiegogo to expand its operation to a full-fledged commercial kitchen.
Jenna Dewan-Tatum Credits Weightloss to Veganism
The model, actress, and dancer says that being a vegan helped her shed the baby weight and get back to filming.

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