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Peruvian Fisherman Documented Killing Dolphins
New footage shows the ongoing illegal slaughter of dolphins to be used as shark bait by fisherman in Peru.
LA Times Pays Tribute to Veg Chinese Restaurants
While kale may be king in the City of Angels, the news source recommends that readers check out the delicious faux offerings Chinese restaurants serve.
PETA Uses Drones to Prevent Hunting Violations
PETA will fly drones over hunting grounds to protect wounded animals from suffering and expose people who use unlawful hunting techniques.
Cries of Mother Cow Cause Neighbors to Call Police
The cries from a mother cow who had her babies taken from her prompt neighbors to contact the police numerous times.
Los Angeles Bans the Use of Bullhooks in Circuses
The City of Angels no longer welcomes circuses that use bullhooks to beat and intimidate animals.
Johns Hopkins: Animal Industry is Too Powerful
The university’s Center for a Livable Future reports that the agriculture industry is doing little to reform, and legislators are getting paid to look the other way.
Class Action Lawsuit Filed against Perdue Farms
The poultry producer will face litigation after misleading consumers by falsely labeling chicken as “humane.”
Thousands of Pounds of Meat Recalled in the US
A deadly bacteria was detected in a line of prepared meat products, resulting in a mass recall throughout the United States and Canada.
Meatless Monday Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary
Nearly a decade after its inception, Meatless Mondays has enjoyed international success, public school endorsement, and celebrity praise.
Just Mayo Lands Exclusive Deal with Whole Foods
Hampton Creek foods is exponentially increasing its output to stock hundreds of Whole Foods with Just Mayo.
New iPhone App Finds Veg Meals at Omni Eateries
With PlantEaters, vegans can go out to dinner with meat-eating friends and know there is something on the menu for them.
New York Times Notes the Intelligence of Chickens
An op-ed columnist for the newspaper says people should think twice before purchasing factory farm raised chicken.
Food & Wine’s Top Chefs Pledge to Protect Seals
More than 40 chefs who have been recognized by the culinary magazine have taken a pledge to stop seal slaughter.
Ex-College Football Player Touts Healthy Veg Diet
A one-time Georgia Tech running back talks about how veganism and exercise transformed him into the high-performance athlete he once was.
Investigation Reveals Cruelty on Canadian Egg Farm
Hidden footage from a McDonald’s egg supplier north of the border shows abusive workers and suffering animals.
Indie Publisher Raises Funds for Punk Cookbook
The forthcoming No Picnic cookbook uses light-hearted humor and punk rock imagery to present an array of delicious vegan dishes.
Pumpkin Spice Vegan Marshmallows
Cruelty-free confectionary Sweet & Sara infuses the flavors of fall into its signature vegan marshmallows.
Subway Introduces Falafel Menu Item at DC Stores
The sandwich chain caters to capital city’s cruelty-free crowd with a new falafel menu offering.
Argentina’s Livestock Industry Faces Hardships
The South American country’s livestock business is shrinking due to health, economic, and environmental factors.
Business Insider Gives 7 Reasons to Go Meat-Free
The industry news source shows how the animal agriculture industry is hurting our health, polluting the environment, and contributing to world hunger.
HSUS Settles Raleigh Transit Authority Dispute
The animal-welfare group will be able to display its pork industry PSAs on two of Raleigh’s public buses.
Company Charged with Selling Illegal Seal Products
The import and sale of seal products has been prohibited in the US for nearly four decades, and now a California company is getting prosecuted for breaking the law.
Mark Bittman Criticizes Federal Food Safety Laws
In the wake of a salmonella outbreak that has sickened 300 people, the NYT food writer asks what the government is doing to protect the public.
Philadelphia-Based Vegan Caterer Opens Restaurant
Steve Laurence’s VeganCommissary will feature menu items that range from sushi to veggie burgers.
PETA Educates College Students On Factory Farming
As part of its college tour, students across the country will be able to experience the injustices that sows and other farm animals face every day.
Vegetarian Program Benefits Students’ Performance
A meat-free cafeteria at a Queens New York public school has bolstered students’ ability to concentrate and improved their academic performance.
Beyond Meat Calls For Food Industry Transparency
Meat-alternative entrepreneur Ethan Brown challenges the animal industry’s biggest players to open their doors to the public.
Study Shows Processed Meats Impair Male Fertility
Recent research conducted by Harvard University scientists has revealed that processed meats may impair male fertility.
Mayim Bailik Dishes On Her New Vegan Cookbook
The television actress says that her new cookbook is a guide to preparing practical and inexpensive meals that are popular among her fans.
Investigation Shows Cruelty Of “Humane” Chicken
Baby chicks are thrown onto an assembly line and ground up alive in a recently-released undercover video.
Late-Night Vegan Taco Shack Opens in Richmond, VA
A cruelty-free entrepreneur wants to show Richmond’s after-hours crowd that vegan food can be tasty, healthy, and affordable.
Australian Supermarket Goes Cage-Free
Woolworths takes an ethical step forward, announcing that all caged eggs will be taken off its shelves within the next five years.
Carrie Underwood Talks About Vegetarian Lifestyle
In an interview with Women’s Health, the pop singer talks about the challenges of following a cruelty-free lifestyle on the road.
Charlottesville Church Hosts Vegetarian Fundraiser
A meat-free food festival has raised $1,000 for a central Virginia food bank.
Chipotle’s Vegan Sofritas Come to the East Coast
Residents of Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Richmond, VA, will be able to order the tofu filling at their local Chipotle.
Raw Chicken Salmonella Outbreak Sickens 320 People
The Foster Farms chicken company has been found to be the culprit in the second major salmonella outbreak this year.
NYC Art Installation Depicts Reality of Factory Farming
The British street artist piqued the public’s attention with a new installation that mimics a farm animal delivery truck.
Bill Maher Calls Students About Cat Experiments
The comedian delivered a phone message to each University of Wisconsin student to alert them about the cruel animal testing at their school.
South Carolina Eliminates Cruel Bear Baying Sport
The southern state has put an end to bear baying, a sport in which bears are confined, declawed, and attacked by dogs.
Thrillist Recognizes Dun-Well as Top Doughnut Shop
The Brooklyn-based vegan doughnut purveyor’s creative list of flavors has made it a NYC staple.
Vegan Food is on the Rise in Tel Aviv, Israel
From falafel shops to veggie burger joints, the Israeli metropolis is experiencing a boom in vegan dining.
PETA Rates College Dining Halls Across the Country
The animal-welfare organization lets students know what campuses provide the best cruelty-free options.
Chicken Nuggets Found to Be Only 50 Percent Meat
Fast food customers who order chicken nuggets are also paying for fat, bones, and blood vessels.
Design School Hosts Faux-Fur Fashion Competition
Burgeoning fashionistas will be working with a faux-fur industry veteran to create cruelty-free clothing.
NC Rescue Mission Discovers 80 Mistreated Animals
Another animal rescue in North Carolina demonstrates the state’s need for stricter animal-welfare laws.
Sin-Fully Good Cinnamon Roll
A too-good-to-be-true cinnamon roll that works with whatever your sweet of choice may be.
ABC News Gives 5 Good Reasons for Going Meat-Free
The online news source lists weight-loss, health, happiness, looks, and libido as benefits of going veg.
Australian Vegetarians Get Life Insurance Discount
Make A Difference Insurance provider is offering reduced policy rates for members who go meat-free.
Raw, Vegan Truffle Company Takes to Kickstarter
What started as a homegrown operation has expanded into a burgeoning chocolate-covered enterprise.
MRIs Show Dogs and Humans Have Similar Emotions
A neuroeconomics professor proves that animals and humans have closely-related emotional states.

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