Articles written by Veronica Houk

Miley Cyrus Named Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2015
The pop singer—who went vegan last year—wins annual PETA award.
Study Finds Ground Meat Often Mislabeled in US
Horse meat and other species found in mislabeled meat products.
Breastfeeding Study: "Eat More Fruit and Vegetables"
New research finds that eating more plant-based foods makes better breast milk.
All Chimpanzees Now Listed as Endangered
The distinction between the status of chimpanzees in captivity and those in the wild will be eliminated in the US.
Eating Certain Nuts Decreases Mortality by 23 Percent
Daily consumption of peanuts and tree nuts keeps the Grim Reaper away.
Activists Rally Against Chinese Dog Meat Festival
Movement grows as this weekend’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China nears.
Food Companies Seek Plant-Based Egg Alternatives
As avian flu continues to spread, companies such as General Mills and Bon Appétit look for egg alternatives.
France Removes Bullfighting from Cultural Heritage List
Animal-rights activists successfully prompt France to remove bullfighting from its UNESCO-protected Cultural Heritage list.
FDA Bans Hydrogenated Oils from US Food Supply
Say goodbye to chips, fries, and pies with hydrogenated oils—the FDA takes a step toward making fast-food chains and grocery stores a little more heart healthy.
PETA Names Best Vegan Fine-Dining Restaurants
The organization announces its top five-star vegan restaurants across the country.
7-Eleven Stores Switch Exclusively to Vegan Mayonnaise
Sandwiches made at the world's largest convenience store will now only use Just Mayo.
First-Ever Vegetarian Festival Held in Turkey
Two-day, all-vegan VegFest to be held outside of Istanbul.
Top Chef Winner to Open Vegan Eatery in Los Angeles
Ilan Hall will open a vegan noodle and soup shop in downtown's Grand Central Market.
8 Mouthwatering Vegan Doughnuts from Coast to Coast
In honor of National Glazed Doughnut Day, VegNews rounds up the most drool-worthy doughnuts across the country.
Israel Criminalizes Animal Cruelty and Closes Slaughterhouse
New laws in the Middle Eastern country further protects the lives of animals.
Mumbai, India Bans Horse-Drawn Carriages
India's largest city has outlawed the use of horse-drawn carriages, calling them “an avoidable activity.”
Ben & Jerry’s Announces Vegan Ice Cream
Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's will roll out a dairy-free ice cream flavor in 2016.
Luxembourg Adopts Meatless Monday Resolution
With the world’s highest per-capita consumption of meat, the European nation encourages residents to eat meatless one day a week.
Starbucks Unveils New Easily-Veganized Frappuccino Flavors
Swap the cow’s milk for soy or coconut milk for to veganize the coffee giant’s summer Frappuccino blends.
National Pizza Chain Now Offers Vegan Cheese
Beginning this week, vegan cheese is available at MOD Pizza locations across the United States.
Amy’s Kitchen to Launch Vegetarian Drive-Thru Restaurant
Vegetarian food company to debut fast-food restaurant in Northern California.

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