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Applebee's and IHOPs Close Due to Lack of Millennials
Traditional chains that fail to address shifting consumer tastes—particularly toward plant-based options—are forced to shutter while those that adapt, such as TGI Fridays, continue to thrive.
TGI Fridays Joins Meatless Monday Campaign
After adding vegan Beyond Burger to the menu of nearly 500 locations, it is now profitable for the chain to promote meatless options.
Vegan Lunch Introduced at 35 More LAUSD Schools
A menu of 10 rotating vegan dishes will be available to thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students across Los Angeles starting in January.
London Mayor Bans Fast-Food Chains Near Schools
Mayor Sadiq Khan will not allow new fast-food restaurants to open near schools to fight the city's childhood obesity epidemic.
Paul McCartney Slams Trump for Denying Climate Change
The music legend says that the Trump administration's denial of climate change is madness.
NYC Mayor Institutes Meatless Mondays at 15 Schools
Mayor Bill de Blasio will also serve only vegetarian meals at his residence, Gracie Mansion, at least one day per week.
A Vegan Guide to the Hamptons
An hour outside of the city, and New York still reigns supreme in vegan options.
10 Questions with Former WWE Wrestler Austin Aries
What does a 200-pound vegan wrestler eat to maintain his size and strength? Plant-based food, of course!
Pittsburgh City Council Adopts Meatless Monday
Seven out of nine council members pledge to go meatless on Mondays to promote better eating habits to the city’s residents.
The Environmental Impacts of Going Vegetarian for Just One Day
Meat production uses as much water in 24 hours as all of New England does in four months.
A Professional Vegan's Guide to Philadelphia
The City of Brotherly Love is home to a dedicated activist community and an array of delicious vegan food options.
MLB Team Hosts Vegan Night at the Ballpark
Pittsburgh's PNC Park will put on its first-ever vegan night this September with plant-based picnic food and box seats to the Pirates vs Orioles game.
5 Incredible Rookie Vegan US Cities
Vegan ice cream sandwiches in San Jose, plant-based pizza in Connecticut, and booze-fueled brunch in the Twin Cities means that there are vegan options aplenty outside of New York and LA.
Bloomberg: "Cauliflower is the New Kale"
The publication says cauliflower is now a social media sensation, thanks to its meat-replacing abilities.
Musical Meatless Monday Event Premieres
Live performers and plant-based lifestyle lecturers will be entertaining the public at an entirely meatless, musical dining experience.
Vegan Beatles Guitar Straps Debut to Honor McCartney
Faux leather instrument accessories are developed as a tribute to Paul McCartney's animal activism.
Vegan NFL Champ Urges Super Bowl Fans to Go Meatless
Former St. Louis Rams' tight end Roland Williams pens an open letter urging football fans to make it a "Super Monday" by leaving meat off their plates.
5 Ways 2016 Completely Changed Veganism
Thanks to last year’s innovations, within our lifetimes we can expect to see not only many more game-changing products, but an entirely changed food system.
Men's Club Hunts for NYC's Best Veggie Burger
Exclusive men's group Gotham Burger Social Club will seek out the best plant-based burger, starting with The Guac Burger at by CHLOE.
Progresso Launches Vegan Soup Line
"Good Natured" creamy soups cater to the Meatless Monday crowd.

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