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We'd Love These 10 Celebs Even More if They Went Vegan
We’re looking at you, Jay-Z, Tracee Ellis Ross, Big Freedia, and Dave Grohl.
How Do You Remember 100 Songs in 4 Days? For Pop-Punk Band Alkaline Trio, the Answer is Veganism
Matt Skiba says eschewing dairy helps with his voice and his on-stage energy level.
6 Valentine's Day Gifts for that Vegan Curmudgeon in Your Life
Buy me D3 gummies, fancy moisturizer, and a ticket to see the Misfits, and I’ll be your Valentine.
How A Vegan Diet is Making ''Everything'' Easier for One Punk Singer
Chad Price is vegan and isn't afraid to sing about it.
An Open Letter to 18-Year-Old, Soon-to-Be-Vegetarian Me
In honor of my 20-year vegetarian anniversary on Thanksgiving, I decided to write a letter to my younger self.
10 Scary Halloween Costumes Only Vegans Will Understand
Be the life (or death) of any Halloween party with costume ideas that'll scare any vegan.
4 Ways to Win a Vegan Chili Cook-Off (If I’m the Judge)
The fate of all vegan chili is in my hands.
Here's What Happens When a Newly Vegan Teen Goes to a Vegan Restaurant for the First Time ...
My cousin went vegan, so naturally I took her out to eat.
6 Quotes to Celebrate Pamela Anderson’s Birthday
Actress and activist Pamela Anderson’s birthday should be a vegan holiday.
The Vegan Bachelor’s Guide to Peanut Butter
There’s a peanut butter out there for every type of single man.
8 Questions with Veggie Grill Co-Founder T.K. Pillan
VegNews sits down with one of the masterminds behind the beloved vegan chain, and talks about running a restaurant, his favorite dishes, and in-the-know menu hacks.
7 Vegan Things My Cats Should Buy Me for National Pet Parent’s Day
A massage, a new couch, and a new copy of My Aim is True sure would be nice.
5 Reasons to Vote Me as PETA’s “Sexiest Vegan Next Door”
I’m funny, I’m vegan, and I sure could use a vacation.
7 Vegan Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
Forget saving—tax refunds are for partying!
10 Products I Can’t Wait to Try at Expo West
Look out stomach, here it comes!
Two Meat-Eaters Taste the Beyond Burger, and This is What Happened
I don’t know if the plant-based patty tastes like meat, so I asked my omnivorous parents what they thought.
5 Things You Learn After Veg Speed Dating
Meeting vegan singles is fun—and only slightly awkward.
9 Movie-and-Food Combinations for the Single Vegan on Valentine’s Day
If you don’t have a loved one with whom to celebrate on February 14, try the next best thing—movies and vegan food.
National Peanut Butter Day, Vegans, & Bachelors
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are so last year.
My 5 Vegan New Year’s Resolutions
Here’s everything I say I’m going to do in 2017 but probably won’t.

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