In turbulent times like these, sometimes we need to find joy and comfort in life’s simple pleasures. From classic fritters in Las Vegas to Harry Potter-inspired doughnuts in Florida, these 20 sweet treats will bring a smile to your face and give you the pep needed to face the world with a little more grace than you thought you could manage. Do not underestimate the power of a vegan doughnut.



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1. Donut Friend’s Youth Brulee
Crème brûlée in a doughnut? You betcha! This bullseye doughnut is filled with dairy-free bavarian cream and topped with a crunchy layer of brûléed sugar.
2. Peaceful Provisions’ Peanut Butter Bacon
A little sugar and a little spice combine to create this yeast-raised square doughnut, coated in creamy peanut butter glaze, pan-fried seitan bacon, and a fiery sriracha drizzle.
3. The Vegan Doughnut Company’s Cookie Monster
If your sweet tooth is hankering for something super decadent, head to the Cleveland Flea Market to snag one of these doughnuts topped with cookie crumbles, Oreo cookie pieces, and a huge dollop of cookie dough.

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4. Doe Donuts’ Root Beer Float
A thick root beer-infused glaze and a heaping swirl of whipped cream top off this unique take on the classic beverage, complete with an aesthetically pleasing (and eco-friendly) little paper straw!
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5. Devi’s Donuts Piña Colada Doughnut
Pineapple-filled, glazed, and toasted coconut-topped—this heavenly, tropical doughnut from this Black-owned businesses is a total sweet escape.
6. Dunwell Doughnuts’ Boston Cream
Sometimes going classic is best. And in the case of this Brooklyn-based doughnut shop, you can’t go wrong with the Boston Cream, stuffed with irresistibly creamy filling and topped with a thick chocolate frosting.
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7. Ronalds Doughnuts’ Apple Fritter
Okay, so maybe a fritter isn’t exactly a doughnut, but close enough, right? These old school, big-as-your-face fritters filled with fresh apple chunks are an absolute must-eat.

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8. Dotties Donuts’ Ice Cream Sundae
Let your inner child out and grab one of these marshmallow glazed, peanut- and rainbow-sprinkled, chocolate-drizzled, and cherry-topped doughnuts from this Philadelphia all-vegan bakeshop.
9. Erin McKenna’s Bakery’s Samoa
Looking for something gluten-free that doesn’t taste gluten-free? Look no further than these Girl Scout cookie-inspired baked doughnuts loaded with shredded coconut and chocolate sauce.
10. Parlour Vegan Bakery’s Butterbeer
Calling all vegan Harry Potter fans! This Florida-based bakery is serving up ultra-chic doughnuts, glazed in Butterbeer frosting (made from a combination of butterscotch and vanilla flavoring) and coated in gold sugar crystals. Accio, Butterbeer doughnuts!

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11. Beet Box Bakery’s Maple Walnut
These apple-based, baked doughnuts have us dreaming of sweater weather. A thick maple frosting and chopped walnuts complete the fall time aesthetic.

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12. Vegan Treats’ Chicken and Waffles
Light and fluffy doughnuts are dipped in a maple glaze, topped with homemade crispy fried “chicken” and miniature Belgian waffles, and finished with a syrupy maple drizzle for a unique creation.
13. Holey Moley Doughnuts’ Mocha Toffee Latte
A thick layer of vegan “better cream” (inspired by the foam on a latte) covers the top of this doughnut, which is then crisscrossed with toffee sauce and chocolate ganache for a picture perfect finish.
14. Revolution Doughnuts’ Mint Julep
This refreshing take on the traditional Southern drink is made with Four Roses Bourbon glaze, fluffy whipped cream, and garden-grown mint. Cheers!
15. Glory Doughnuts’ Rosewater Glazed
Delicate pink rosewater-infused glaze coats this yeast-raised doughnut, and lighter-than-air whipped vanilla frosting forms a rose in the middle, making this handcrafted doughnut so very Instagrammable.
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16. The Donuttery’s PB&J
Gooey jelly and rich, salted-caramely peanut butter cushioned within soft, pillowy, fried dough form the ultimate salty-sweet combination. You’ll be licking your fingers and wishing you bought two.
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17.  Vegan Donut Gelato’s Old Fashioned
This old-school Oakland-based donuttery is serving up affordable, accessible, pink-box doughnuts to the CA Bay Area. Each bite into this crinkly, maple-glazed old fashioned-style doughnut is utter perfection. 

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18. Cartem’s Donuts’ Irish Coffee
Get your caffeine fix in doughnut form with this Bailey’s glazed yeast donut, complete with a chocolate and coffee caramel drizzle and toasted hazelnuts.

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19. Beechwood Doughnuts’ Birthday Cake
Skip the birthday cake and go for a birthday cake doughnut instead! This sweet treat is stuffed with funfetti icing and generously covered in rainbow sprinkles and birthday cake crumbles.
20. Valkyrie Doughnuts’ BFD
Last, but not least, grab a few friends and dive into one of Valkyrie’s gigantic BFD doughnuts, available in flavors such as Churro, PB Chocolate Pretzel, and Key Lime Pie.

Sarah McLaughlin is the New Products Editor at VegNews who enjoys a good, classic vegan doughnut.

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