Japanese food company Fuji Oil Holdings recently developed the world’s first vegan uni—a delicacy traditionally harvested from sea urchins. The company—a Starbucks Japan soy milk supplier and maker of other products such as vegan tuna flakes and meatless burgers—crafted vegan uni using soy-based ingredients and flavored vegetable oil. The company created vegan uni to be used as a mix-in ingredient in dishes and Tokyo sushi restaurant Gonpachi has expressed interest in using the new product. “We’d have to taste it first, but yes, we’d consider it,” Yuki Haga, a sushi chef at Gonpachi, said. Stateside, plant-based seafood options continue to grow with Ocean Hugger Foods’ tomato-based “ahimi” tuna and eggplant-based “unami” eel, Good Catch’s vegan tuna pouches, and New Wave Foods’ vegan shrimp.

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