Pi Day is one of the most underappreciated and unrecognized holidays. Honored by pi(e)-lovers every fourteenth of March, the unofficial holiday was first coined by physicist Larry Shaw in 1988 to celebrate pi—the mathematical constant of 3.14. March 14 also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday—coincidence, we think not. Today, middle school teachers and pie aficionados everywhere celebrate by indulging in pies of all kinds—pizza pie, fruit pie, cottage pie, hand pies … it’s all fair game. In anticipation of one of our favorite food holidays (and to raise a glass to Einstein—who was a vegetarian, after all), we’ve done a deep dive through Instagram to find the 14 most drool-worthy vegan pies to spark excitement for Pi Day. 

VegNews.PrairiePiePrairie Vegan Pies

1. Veggie Pot Pie from Prairie Vegan Pies, St. Louis, MO

Well, we definitely know what’s for dinner on Pi Day. Each pie features buttery, flaky, thick vegan pastry stamped with the universal sign for pi. Underneath this melt-in-your-mouth golden crust lies a medley of vegetables smothered in a creamy bechamel sauce. These pies are available for pre-order and pick-up for those who live in the greater Minneapolis area.  

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

2. Vegan + Gluten-Free Dutch Apple Pi by Erin McKenna’s Bakery, nationwide

Few things in life are more perfect than the quintessential apple pie. A mound of oogey, caramely apples are layered into a tender pastry just begging to be adorned with a scoop of vegan vanilla bean ice cream, or in Erin McKenna’s case, a mound of cinnamon-spiked buttery brown sugar oat crumble. These pi-marked pies are available for nationwide shipping in the US via Goldbelly

Purely Pies

3. Savory Pot Pie by Purely Pies, UK

No matter what vegan filling is encased in this gorgeously buttery crust, we want it. UK vegans are in for a treat. Individual pies and hand pies are available in several stockists throughout the country and are also available online for shipping. 

Pop Pie Co.

4. Roasted Veggies & Yellow Curry Hand Pie by Pop Pie Co., Costa Mesa & San Diego, CA

This Aussie hand pie company has branched out into both sweet and savory plant-based options. Southern California residents can stop by the Costa Mesa or San Diego location to stock up on these slightly spicy, deliciously buttery Thai Yellow Curry hand pies. No judgment if you eat two in one sitting. Don’t live in the SoCal area? Pop Pie Co Executive Chef Gan Suebsarakham shared his secrets with us on how he makes the perfect vegan pie crust. 

The Pie Bar

5. Marionberry Pie by The Pie Bar, Long Beach, CA

If you’ve never had a marionberry pie before, you need to make your way to Long Beach, CA and visit this quaint community pie shop. With multiple sweet and savory vegan options, this bakery makes it possible to eat pie for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Swing by on Pi Day for discounted Veggie Pot Pies. 

Magpies Softserve

6. Fried Soft-Serve Ice Cream Pie by Magpies Softserve, Los Angeles, CA

This vegan-friendly soft-serve shop whips up some of the most unique pies we’ve ever had the pleasure to devour. The kitchen concocts seasonal variations on its ice cream pies, but as tempting as they are, we can’t kick our fried pie habit. This delicious monstrosity of creamy, crunchy, salt-meets-sweet goodness starts with a graham cracker crust lined with fudge sauce which is filled with corn almond soft-serve, topped with homemade vegan honeycomb, layered with a mountain of whipped cream, and crowned with fried candied cornflakes. These pies are available by the slice and whole (if you pre-order) in all three Magpies locations. 

Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen

7. Key Lime Pie by Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen, nationwide

The ingredients for key lime pie are relatively simple, but it can be challenging to nail the perfect ratio of sweet to sour. This allergen-friendly baker creates pies with the perfect amount of pucker made more delightful with a crown of fluffy meringue kisses. This best-seller is available for nationwide shipping online and by-the-slice at her Laguna Niguel, CA location. 

Vancouver with Love

8. Salted Pecan Pie by Vancouver with Love (recipe)

Pecan pie is too good to be reserved just for Thanksgiving. While gluten reigns supreme in the pie world, this sweet-and-salty gluten-free treat allows everyone to enjoy a slice. Might as well save this recipe for your fall festivities, too. 

Karma Baker

9. Peanut Butter Crème Pie by Karma Baker, Los Angeles, CA

The vast majority of Karma Baker treats can be shipped, but alas, this delicate, dreamy pie is not one of them. Prepare to swoon—instead of the typical chocolate cookie crust, this pie starts out with a fudgy brownie base. This chocolatey foundation is topped with Reese’s-like peanut butter crème and light-as-air coconut crème mousse. The entire thing is checkerboarded with ribbons of chocolate and peanut butter sauce. If you live out of state, start driving. 

Two Birds Baking Company

10. Cherry Pie by Two Birds Baking Company, Orange County, CA

While known for her cupcakes, this independent Orange County, CA baker occasionally tempts her Instagram followers with a stunning fruit pie. Forget sending a card to say how you feel, send pie instead. 

Veggie Galaxy

11. Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie by Veggie Galaxy, Cambridge, MA

Even those on Team Cake can get on board the pie train with this tart-yet-sweet mashup. Made by a longstanding vegan diner in Cambridge, MA, this classic features a crumbly graham cracker crust, a silky lemon and passionfruit custard, and gravity-defying puffs of torched meringue towers. Welcome to Team Pie. 

Short Girl Tall Order

12. Gingerbread Pizookie by Short Girl Tall Order (recipe)

Not to spark any heated debates, but we firmly believe a pizookie is a type of pie. We can’t wait to dig a spoon into this moist, chewy, massive gingerbread skillet cookie pulled straight from the oven and dolloped with multiple scoops of vegan vanilla ice cream.

Cafe Sunflower

13. Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Pie by Southern Sweets Bakery, Decatur, GA

Billowy, flavor-punched peanut butter mousse sits atop moist vegan chocolate cake to create this decadent cake-meets-pie mashup. Find it at Atlanta’s Cafe Sunflower or go straight to the Decatur, GA bakery to buy the whole pie. 

VegNews.RawCherryPieRachel Carr

14. Raw Cherry Cheesecake Pie by Rachel Carr (recipe)

Is cheesecake a pie? When it involves crust and a fruit component, we say yes. Though honestly, this dessert is so creamy and satisfying, we don’t care what it’s called—just give us a very generous slice.

Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and runner living in Orange County, CA.

Photo credit: Magpies Softserve

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