This hasn’t been a typical year for anyone, so why should your vegan Father’s Day gift be anything but unique? In recent months, we’ve been reminded that self-awareness, activism, giving back, staying healthy, going vegan, and practicing self-care are of utmost importance. Whether you’re buying a gift for a dad who’s already vegan or someone you’re still persuading to eat plant-based, we have something for everyone on your list.

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For the dad who loves to cook
A vegan cookbook is a must-have for any dad who wants to brush up on his cooking skills. Gift a copy of Chocolate Covered Katie (for healthier and simple desserts), the No Meat Athlete Cookbook (for satisfying protein-packed recipes), the Vegan 8 (which has no more than eight ingredients per recipe), or Vegan Richa’s Indian Cookbook (for flavorful curries and richer recipes). If a new kitchen tool is on his wish list, consider the Kenyon Stainless Steel wok, an air fryer (gift it alongside The Essential Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook), or a Smart Cooker that can be controlled from your phone. For the foodie father who says he loves cheese too much to go vegan, create a vegan cheese-starter pack full of some of your favorites, such as Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda slices, Daiya Medium Cheddar Style block, and Miyoko’s new Cheddar and Pepper Jack cheeses, along with a cheese knife, crackers, and almond-stuffed olives. Sending a skeptical dad a vegan BBQ starter pack with Beyond Meat burgers and sausages is another sure win.

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For the dad who wants to snack smart
For the dad who loves to snack, consider creating a personalized snack pack full of healthful vegan products, such as protein-packed Soca Plant Protein Thins, Bada Bean snacks, and Brass Roots’ Sacha Inchi Seed Butter. Dairy-free desserts by Snow Monkey are a fun way to let dad eat ice cream for breakfast but with all the nutrition of a smoothie. Also of note in the healthy snack category is PopZero, which uses algae to create a satisfying munchy experience. OM NOM makes colorfully wrapped artisanal chocolate that feels and tastes like opening a present—and is on the vegan nonprofit Food Empowerment Project’s list of ethically approved chocolate. For a dad who’s trying to drink less soda and waste less packaging, the Drinkmate Machine Kit makes sparkling water that can be infused with flavor. 

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For the mindful dad
If your dad is interested in starting or deepening his meditation practice, now’s the time. The book Radical Compassion by vegan meditation teacher Tara Brach is a great place to start. Gifting a gratitude journal is another easy way to help dad practice; each day, encourage him to write down three things he’s grateful for and watch as it rewires his brain to be more positive. Your True Home by Thich Nhat Hanh shares 365 short teachings, which you can match in number to the day of the year. An hourglass is another way to support dad in his meditation practice—it will ensure he doesn’t have to set a timer on his phone in the morning, helping him not get sucked into technology earlier than he needs to. A customized bracelet from an Etsy artisan can be inscribed with a message you know will help dad stay mindful throughout the day. 

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For the dad who wants to give back 
Many vegan non-profit organizations have online stores that sell charitable gifts, such as Sea Shepherd apparel for the dad with ample pro-animal pride. Or consider making a monetary donation in a dad’s name to organizations that feed those in need, such as Chilis on Wheels, or helps those trapped in immigration detention centers, such as Southern Poverty Law Center. To support the protests for civil rights happening around the country right now, media outlet The Cut has rounded up a wide array of charitable options.

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For the dad you want to pamper
For the dad you’d like to pamper, Mendi CBD massage oil makes a romantic gift for the dad you co-parent with, or Pachamama CBD body lotion works well for aches and relaxation. For the dad who needs beauty rest, a set of luxuriously soft bed sheets, a custom-fitted pillow, and a weighted sleep mask will help create a cocoon of coziness. Some white noise and cool temperatures from a Wind Curve tower fan will help him feel rested, as would having a self-cleaning and highly-programmable Wolf Gourmet coffee machine to look forward to in the morning. If you think dad would enjoy beautifying, a vegan teeth whitening kit will help him look his best during business meetings on Zoom, and this serum with hyaluronic acid will keep his skin soft. Becca Cosmetics undereye brightener is also a secret weapon that lasts for months and works well under sensitive eyes. 

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For the dad working on his home fitness
For the dad who’s dedicated to home fitness, a pair of wireless earbuds is key—especially noise-canceling ones. Dad might also be keen on staying fit while working at a desk, in which case a standing desk converter helps him make any desk a standing desk. While he’s up, he can balance like he’s surfing on a 100-percent recycled FluidStance balance board, which helps engage the abs and increases balance. 

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For the gadget-loving dad
When it comes to dad gadgets, there’s no shortage of fun ones to choose from. The LEVO II lets dad infuse any herb into an oil, so he can make rosemary vegan butter or mint extract. The Breville SuperQ Blender comes with a smoothie blender cup, allowing dad to blend a smoothie easily without having to clean up a bulky blender afterward. And for the dad who likes to keep it clean but doesn’t like to do the cleaning himself, the RoboVac 15C Max is a home investment you won’t regret; he can turn it on while he goes for a walk and control it remotely with his phone. 

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