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Spring into Veg!
Sweet! We know you'll love our annual Vegan Wedding feature, Bakery Showdown, and much, much more.

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 Celebrate, Come On!

Pop le champagne, whirl your noisemakers around, and toot that kazoo to your heart's content! Maybe a little birdie (yes, a birdie called Twitter) told you that VegNews recently won a whole slew of awards. For those of you who are keeping track, we are now the extremely proud Best Lifestyle Magazine and Best Website Maggie Award winners of 2009, and the Best Website winner of the 2009 Nichee Awards. Could we be just a little bit happier about these awesome additions to our award shelf? No! This month, celebrate with us, crack some cruelty, and get your green on in Chicago.

 V in the News

Seal of Approval
Here's just another thing to dance around wildly about this month: the European Union has officially banned the import of products derived from Canada's annual seal hunt! Since the European market accounts for more than 90 percent of Canada's revenue stream for seal-derived products, this news comes as a major blow to the grotesque seal-clubbing industry.

National No-No
What's an animal-advocacy organization to do when ridiculous traditions like National Egg Month (which happens to be May) come around? Launch animal-friendly campaigns, that's what. Join Compassion Over Killing this month and pledge to Crack the Cruelty of the egg industry. By going egg-free for the month (or forever!) everyone can take a stand against the unnecessary suffering of egg-laying hens.

 Top Stories

Since launching our website last October, we've fallen pretty hard for it, and since it's now officially award-winning, we thought you might like to see a selection of our top stories on

1. Hooten Hoofing It! Josh Hooten is officially on his 600-mile trek from Portland, Ore., to Orland, Calif., and we can't wait to hear how the ride goes. For all such goings-on in the world of awesome activists, check out our news section.

2. Spring Clean Green! Maybe you're as excited as we are about our upcoming July+August issue and its feature on starting a vegan business. But what about cleaning a vegan business? Here's our handy guide.

3. Wowza Weddings! Our annual vegan wedding feature is one of the most popular pieces published in the magazine. Meet a new couple each week, and read all the details of their cruelty-free nuptials. Oh, and speaking of the weddings, maybe we have a little treat for you. Email us before May 31 and describe, in 50 words or fewer, your ideal wedding. One lucky respondent will receive a gift pack of Rose City Chocolates, a Scandle Body Massage candle, and Secret Recipes for the Modern Housewife. Good luck!

 Event Showcase

Woo Hoo! WorldFest!
Is there anything better than a sunny, SoCal-style day of speakers, food, and fun? Yeah, we didn't think so. Come by the VN booth at this awesome, yearly, solar-powered extravaganza of compassionate living. Trust us, WorldFest is a must-attend.

Get Your Green On!
That's right, Chicago, we're looking at you! The Green Festival will make its much-anticipated return to The Windy City on May 16 and 17. Want to go? The first 20 Chicago-area residents to email us with their names and addresses will win a pair of free tickets! Don't forget to stop by our booth and say hi!

Phyo Party!
So, there's a good chance that we are over-the-moon excited about our Urban Dessert Soirée. Tickets are sold out, but we can't say that comes as a surprise. Really, what else do you want in a party? Gorgeous guest of honor, delectable desserts, and a cute-as-can-be setting. We'll see you May 21. Don't be late!

Looking for more must-attend veg events? Don't forget to check out for all your social-calendar updates!

 Get Cookin'

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

As you've likely already heard, we're just about beside ourselves with anticipation for the upcoming Urban Dessert Soirée, featuring the insanely fabulous Ani Phyo. Since we can hardly wait to dig our teeth into some of the amazing desserts at the party, we figured you shouldn't have to, either. Here's Ani's incredible Oatmeal Raisin cookie recipe. Yes, it's raw. Yes, we devoured about a gazillion of these tasty bites when we first got Ani's Raw Food Desserts in the office.

Makes about 10 cookies

What You Need:
1 cup raw oats
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1⁄2 cup firmly packed Medjool dates, pitted
1⁄2 cup raisins

What You Do:
1. In a food processor, combine oats and cinnamon, and process into small pieces. Add dates and process to mix well. Add raisins and pulse to mix.
2.Press about 3 tablespoons of the dough into cookie cutters on a sheet tray lined with parchment, or roll the dough into balls and flatten. Serve immediately or store in sealed container or bag.

 Café VegNews Showdown

Do you love Café VegNews? We'll be honest, we've got a little crush on our first-ever blog, and we love, love, love reading your comments on it. One comment we've seen about a jillion times is a call for recipes to accompany the photos. Well, mention and ye shall receive. Since we hardly ever actually use recipes when making the meals, we won't be adding recipes to the blog itself. But! In our September+October Food Issue, we'll feature five favorite entries and include recipes along with them. So, we've done the heavy lifting on this by narrowing the 384 posts down to a list of 10. Here's where you come in: Pick your top five from the list, and voilá, the entries that get the most votes will be in the mag, with recipes to boot! Click here to get voting!

 Product Review

ZenSoy Chocolate Pudding

Remember middle school? Remember how everyone would sit at the splintery red picnic benches and the lunch-item swap-meet would begin? While everyone watched with anticipation, a delicate dance commenced around one prize in particular: the pudding cup. Whichever fortuitous youngster scored the chocolate pudding was instantly recognized as that day's lunchtime king or queen. Well, finally you can be the grown-up incarnation of the lunch-table monarch every day. ZenSoy's chocolate Soy Pudding is just as indulgent as you remember, though of course this version is free of animal products. Yes, it still tastes like victory.

 TreeFree Blowout Sale!

What's better than a gorgeous, informative, fun, sassy magazine? Why, it's that very same magazine, but cheaper! This month we're offering the TreeFree edition of our super-sweet May+June issue for only $3. Yeah, you read that right. Trust us, the Veganize It! Baked Ziti alone is worth three bucks, but of course you also get all the great news, recipes, and features of the other 97 pages, too! Click here to get your copy.

 Preview: June VegNewsletter

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