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Renaming Vegetables

Change the way your kids conceptualize—and consume—their veggies.

If Jessica Seinfeld’s delicious deceptions didn’t work for your children—or you—recent research offers a new solution for kids too cool for their veggies. In a study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, nearly 200 children received their usual lunches, only this time their produce came with creative names such as “x-ray vision carrots”, “power peas”, and “dinosaur broccoli trees”. Sound like fun? The four-year-olds thought so, too. In fact, changing the preschoolers’ perceptions of these vitamin-packed plants resulted in a lasting 50 percent increase in vegetable consumption. And if that’s not enough, similar results have been shown with adult subjects. So, go ahead and try this one at home!

"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" Goes Vegan

The non-butter spread launches a vegan certified "It's Vegan" product to appeal to cruelty-free customers.
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Las Vegas Pasta Shop Debuts 20-Dish Vegan Menu

The Pasta Shop and Art Gallery adds a vegan menu to appease growing vegan scene in Las Vegas.
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Plant Protein Slashes Risk of Early Onset Menopause

Eating plant-based protein benefits reproductive health, while women who consume just one serving of red meat per day increase their risk of early onset menopause by 12 percent.
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France Historically Awards Vegan Chef With Coveted Title

The country's officials awarded Willy Berton of Vegan Gorilla in Nice the prestigious title of "Maître Restaurateur."
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Party Drug "Special K" Found in "100% Natural" Chicken

USDA investigation uncovers a host of illegal drugs and antibiotics in birds slaughtered by the third largest chicken producer in the US.
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