Farm Sanctuary Kicks Off Plant-Powered Run

This summer, athletes nationwide will be challenged to "outrun cruelty" by demonstrating that vegans are fast and strong.

Animal-rights organization Farm Sanctuary, in partnership with Green Festival, will launch the nationwide Plant-Powered Run event on June 10, 2017. The event will consist of three components: a timed 10K run, a fun run, and a noncompetitive walk. The opening ceremony will be held along the Hudson River Greenway in New York and will feature a lecture by Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur. The event’s mission is to “outrun cruelty with compassion” by demonstrating that a plant-based diet is optimal for strength, agility, and speed. “Eating plants instead of animals benefits animals, the planet and ourselves,” Baur tells VegNews, “and Farm Sanctuary’s Plant Powered Runs provide opportunities for long-time vegans as well as the newly veg curious—plus everybody in between—to demonstrate the power of plants to fuel athletic performance.” Plant-Powered Run events will also be held in Los Angeles on September 23 and San Francisco on November 11. Funds raised for the events will benefit Farm Sanctuary’s efforts to protect farmed animals.

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