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 Spring, Sprung

We might be jumping the gun ever so slightly, but let's go ahead and call it spring. Now that we've passed the daylight savings time mark—and can actually see the road on our commute home—it feels like the days last forever, and we're pretty sure that the big ball of fire in the sky is going to start to feel warm soon, too. So, in celebration of spring, enjoy this field of tulips for tip-toeing.

 V in the News

Bank of Barker
It's pretty much impossible to not love Bob Barker. The classic TV host has helped animals yet again by donating $2.5 million to PETA. The money will help the animal-rights organization build new office space in Los Angeles, which will enable the group to do more celebrity outreach, marketing, and youth activism.

Whistle Blower Testifies
Dean Wyatt, a veterinarian for the US Food and Drug Administration's Food Safety and Inspection Service, testified in Congress last week that while he reported numerous cases of animal abuse witnessed during his inspections of slaughterhouses, his superiors ignored the problems. Wyatt reported abuses at Bushway Packing Inc., which was later shut down when undercover video taken by the Humane Society of the United States revealed shocking cruelty.

World Peace Diet Tops Bestseller List
This past weekend Will Tuttle's World Peace Diet was #1 on Amazon's bestsellers' list. While a vegan book topping the charts would be great enough news in itself, the book's success was an even greater suprise considering that it's been out for five years, and had no push from Oprah, Ellen, or another celebrity. Tuttle simply encouraged his readers to buy en masse to bring attention to vegan issues. Kudos, Will!

 VegNews Adventure—Sold Out!

Thank you to all those who have made our first adventure to India a success already! We've completely sold out of spaces on the trip, and the waiting list keeps growing. Don't worry, we'll be taking many more of these trips in the future, so if you didn't get a spot this time, keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming getaways.

 What's Hot on

You know what's hip? The internets. Here are our top five picks for hot stories you should probably check out right about now.

1. Expo West Best of Show Our very favorite 12 new vegan products from the thousands we saw at the world's largest natural products event.

2. Greening Your Garden Take your green thumb from your garden to your lawn with these handy, earth-friendly tips.

3. Auteur! Auteur! Meet Kathy Kolla, Hollywood's latest greatest vegan director.

4. Rescued Animals Hello, Rambo the ram! Meet him and three other critters living happy lives at Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

5. A Case For Locavorism Where do veganism and eating locally grown food meet? Right here!

+Bonus! This Week's Giveaway: Best of Show Grab Bag

 Event Showcase

24th Annual Genesis Awards
On March 20, the Genesis Awards celebrates 23 years of paying tribute to the major news and entertainment media that raise public awareness of animal issues. This year’s ceremony takes place in Beverly Hills, Calif., and includes a long list of celebrity presenters. Be sure to say hi to VN's Managing Editor, Elizabeth Castoria.

Holistic Holiday at Sea
From March 21 through 28, A Taste of Health and The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine are embarking on a seven-day vegan cruise. Meet VN Publishers Joseph Connelly and Colleen Holland while sailing around the Eastern Caribbean enjoying yoga and Pilates classes, eating vegan and macrobiotic food, and attending seminars from the world’s leading health professionals.

Green Lifestyle Film Festival
Green filmmakers converge on Los Angeles from March 19 to 21 to share their films on veganism, eco-living, and the human impact on the planet. The three-day event also includes a black-tie gala awards dinner and ceremony.

Encourage future vegetarians to join others worldwide by abstaining from meat on March 20. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Meatout, and is the perfect opportunity to spread the veg message by sharing a delicious meal with someone who needs a nudge!

Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti
After being snowed out the days of their first two attempts, Compassion for Animals and DC Vegan have rescheduled their benefit bake sale for March 27. From 10:30am to 2:30pm, enjoy the delicious donated work of your vegan peers.

 Get Cookin'

Vegan Irish Coffee

Technically, St. Patrick's Day is over. But does that mean that we must cast aside the spirit(s) of the holiday so soon? Heck no. This classic Irish coffee from VN columnist Robin Robertson is sure to keep you feeling lucky all through the year.

Serves 2

What You Need:
3 ounces Irish whiskey
2 teaspoons sugar
12 ounces hot coffee
Soy creamer, chilled

What You Do:
1. Warm two clear glass mugs by running them under hot water. Into each mug, pour 1-1/2 ounces of whiskey and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Pour in hot coffee, leaving enough room at the top of the mug to add a thin "collar" of soy creamer.

2. Stir the coffee to dissolve the sugar, then, holding a tablespoon upside down over each mug, carefully pour a layer of cold soy creamer on top of the coffee. Do not stir.

 Product Review

Grapefruit Wash

Whether you're headed to LA for the Genesis Awards, or you just lead a glamorous life every day, looking sharp is a priority. Enter Urban Decay's Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder. Of course, this handy beauty trick is vegan and is not tested on animals, which are two of our big criteria for looking good. The powder makes skin appear smoother, and turned our tester's usually oil-slicked forehead into a photo-ready visage. We like that.

 Got Issues?

By issues, we actually don't mean the kind that will send you running to your analyst, but the kind that come to our office every two months—magazine issues! We are having a blowout sale of our super-fabulous January+February 2010 issue, which just so happens to have the very lovely Alicia Silverstone gracing its cover. What's that you say? You want this stellar steal for just $4? You got it, but only for a limited time!

 Preview: April VegNewsletter

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