6 Vegan Hotspots on the Jersey Shore

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8 Vegan Foods to Eat in Malaysia

Asia’s multicultural melting pot makes for a culinary experience filled with rice noodles, vegetable dumplings, and exotic fruit.
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14 Must-Have Vegan Travel Accessories

Professional globetrotter Carolyn Scott-Hamilton shares 14 items she won’t leave home without.
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5 Vegan-Friendly, Kid-Friendly Summer Vacation Destinations

Book your rooms now because these cities offer something for everyone in the family.
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10 Vegan Travel Essentials

From snacks to sweaters, these 10 items are must-haves for vegan travelers.
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Travel-Friendly Vegan Food

Say no to overpriced in-flight dining and unhealthy fast-food combos by packing these tasty dishes.
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A Vegan Guide to Istanbul

Visit Istanbul to discover Turkey’s rich culture with a hearty vegan twist.
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Best Vegan Food in Bali

Surf, sun, and smoothies are just a few treats awaiting visitors on this vegan-friendly island.
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How to Be Vegan in Mexico City

A rapidly expanding vegan scene is taking over North America’s largest city.
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5 Veg-friendly Spring Break Destinations

Forget homework and cancel your business meetings because spring break is here.
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10 Vegan Dishes from (the Country of) Georgia

Stews, eggplant rolls, dolmas, and an array of vegan wines are just a few reasons to love Georgian cuisine.
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5 Surprisingly Perfect Ideas for Vegan Honeymoons

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The 7 Best Spots to Eat Vegan in Los Angeles for Less Than $10

LA is all about the glitz, but an array of eateries prove that vegan food in Tinseltown can be delicious and affordable.
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4 Reasons to Visit Ghana

Jollof rice, spicy soups, and exotic fruits are just three examples of why this West African nation should be on every vegan’s bucket list.
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10 Must-Haves for Healthy Vegan Travel

With this list of essentials, you’ll be a plant-based traveling pro no matter where the road takes you.
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4 Must-Eat Vegan-Friendly Spots in Buenos Aires

Think a vegan can’t live in the so-called beef capital of the world? This Argentine transplant has figured it out.
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