The Vegan Guide to Chinese New Year

Celebrate another fresh start with symbolic veg dishes, cleansing traditions, red envelopes, and luck.  Read More »

VegNews Celebrates Black History Month

In this exclusive interview with VegNews, famed author and nutritionist Tracye McQuirter discusses the black pioneers of the vegan movement.
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5 Vegan Tattoo Tips From an Expert

Thinking of inking? We asked vegan tattoo artist Brian Wilson for the lowdown on cruelty-free commitment through body art.
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The Ultimate Vegan Tour of Target

Hit the bullseye with great vegan finds in every aisle.
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5 Vegan Foods to Beautify Your Hair from the Inside Out

Take your dry, split ends to the kitchen and emerge with long, healthy tresses through these nutritionally charged foods and drinks.
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An Open Letter to the Kardashians

Dear Kardashians: Go vegan already.
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5 Vegan Things I’m Buying After I Win Powerball

Animals shelters of the world will be empty after I win big tonight.
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You Know You Were Vegan in the '90s If...

No matter how hard you bopped-it or skipped-it, soy milk was brown and vegan cheese wouldn't melt.
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Top 14 Greatest Vegan Cartoon Characters Ever

Extensive research (aka, watching a lot of cartoons) has lead us to believe many of our favorite animated characters are vegan. Or should be.
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Best Vegan Protein Powders (+ Giveaway!)

With dozens of plant-based protein powders on the market, where does one begin? VegNews editors tested some of today's top brands, and here are our 10 favorites.
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The Vegan Barista’s Guide to Healthy Starbucks Drinks

Keep your resolution this new year with these hacks for better-for-you Starbucks options.
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Feel-Good Fridays!

VegNews editors bring you this week's most heart-warming vegan stories.
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The Top 15 Vegan Facebook Posts of 2015

From cute comics to late-breaking news, 2015 saw Facebook fans liking, sharing, and commenting more than ever before.
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The Top 15 Vegan Tweets of 2015

From Pamela’s new boots to Trump’s surprise vegan appearance, Twitter was abuzz with the latest in vegan news.
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The Top 15 Vegan Instagram Photos of 2015

From exciting new products to mouthwatering meals, countless great moments were captured on Instagram in 2015. Here are your favorites.
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The Top 15 Vegan Stories of 2015

Want to know the hottest vegan lifestyle stories of 2015? Here are your top 15 favorite reads of the year.
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This Week on VegNews TV: The secret to these delightful sweet treats is white beans! Aylin Erman shows you how to make these simple blondies.

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