5 Woman-Owned Vegan Businesses You Should Be Obsessed With

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6 Valentine's Day Gifts for that Vegan Curmudgeon in Your Life

Buy me D3 gummies, fancy moisturizer, and a ticket to see the Misfits, and I’ll be your Valentine.
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6 Red-Hot Vegan Lipsticks To Drive Your Valentine Crazy

Make your Valentine’s Day even hotter with these all-vegan sexy shades for your lips.
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How a Vegan Canadian Figure Skater Prepared to Win Gold at the Winter Olympics

Meagan Duhamel’s intense fitness regimen and plant-based diet led her to that international Olympic podium.
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How to Be a Vegan Teen Valentine

Wear cool clothing, give amazing gifts, and watch Okja, and you can be my Valentine.
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Vegan Valentine's Day Tips From No. 1 Best-Selling Author Kathy Freston

With advice from her new book, the renowned author will help you create a night of romance and deliciousness.
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5 Vegan Turmeric Recipes for Those Who Are Slightly Intimidated by It

Adding fresh turmeric root to your recipes is a great, easy way to explore new recipes.
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How A Vegan Diet is Making ''Everything'' Easier for One Punk Singer

Chad Price is vegan and isn't afraid to sing about it.
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Your Meat-Eating Friends Want One of These 10 Vegan Books

Sometimes, you need the help of a good read to convince someone that eating animals is wrong.
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7 Ways to Veganize Your Bed, Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Designing the perfect romantic bed for you and your partner is a surefire way to have a happy Valentine's Day.
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5 Steps to the Perfect Vegan Valentine's Day

Soy candles, Stevie Wonder songs, pasta, and maca are just a few ways to make your Valentine’s Day as vegan—and sexy—as possible.
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8 Love-Infused Vegan Events to Celebrate Valentine's Day

No animals were harmed in the making of these upcoming vegan Valentine's Day happenings.
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Thanks to These 7 Vegan Pies, We Have Declared National Pizza Day a Holiday

Deep-dish, thin-crust, stuffed, and Grandma slices are a few ways we’re celebrating National Pizza Day.
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No Valentine This Year? Try Vegan Speed Dating

What began as a small vegan matchmaking event is now taking over North America.
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6 Ways to Queer Your Vegan Valentine's Day

For LGBTQ vegans and their biggest fans, February 14 is about to get a whole lot gayer. VegNews Senior Editor Jasmin Singer will settle for no less.
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Bought Too Many Vegan Girl Scout Cookies? Here are 10 Desserts You Should Make With Them

Tangy Lemonades drizzled with vegan lemon curd, Peanut Butter Patties crumbled atop açaí bowls, and more endless dessert possibilities await now that your boxes of Girl Scout Cookies have arrived.
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This Week on VegNews TV: The secret to these delightful sweet treats is white beans! Aylin Erman shows you how to make these simple blondies.

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