Dutch Meat Giant Switches Focus to Plant Protein

Lunch meats brand Zwanenberg is shifting 50 percent of the company to focus on plant-based snacks to capitalize on growing demand for meatless foods.

Dutch company Zwanenberg—which owns popular Dutch meat-centric brands Kips and Zwan—announced this week that it would sell a portion of its meat brands to re-focus 50 percent of the company on selling vegetarian products such as soups, sauces, and meatless snacks. Zwanenberg has been in business since 1929 and currently makes 90 percent of its profits from meat products. However, CEO Ronald Lotgernik believes eating habits are shifting toward meatless options. “It is now quite normal for young people to not eat meat three days a week,” Lotgerink told Dutch media outlet Het Financieele Dagblad. Company director Aldo van der Laan agrees with the strategy and stated, “As a food producer we are looking to profit from this by buying specific companies or building more factories.” Major international companies such as Nestlé, Danone, and Tyson are adjusting to consumer demand for animal-free food by diversifying their portfolios by investing in (or wholly acquiring) plant-based brands.

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