James Cameron Invests in Vegan Protein Facility

The famed filmmaker is helping the shift toward plant-based protein by funding the world's largest organic pea protein-processing facility.

Oscar-winning director James Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron announced this week the formation of plant-focused company Verdient Foods—which will open an organic pea protein-processing facility in Saskatchewan, Canada. The couple entered into a four-year contract with nonprofit Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre to find plant-based uses for organic pea protein and will work with University of Saskatchewan and the Native-American community organization Whitecap Dakota First Nation to develop new meatless products. “Frankly, we can live without [meat]," Cameron said during a recent news conference. “It's very important for us to shift—I believe, as a civilization—shift our focus to that expanding wedge of plant-based proteins.” Once completed, the facility is expected to be the largest of its kind in North America, with the capacity to produce 160,000 metric tons of organic pea protein—used for products such as the Beyond Burger, plant-based milk such as those made by Ripple Foods, and more. Cameron and his wife have made several advances in the plant-based industry, including opening California’s first all-vegan MUSE school in 2015. In addition to working on four sequels to his acclaimed 2009 film Avatar (with some speculation that the new films’ characters will explore vegan themes), Cameron is set to release vegan documentary The Game Changers next year.

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