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Bunnies Used As Fuel

Bodies of dead rabbits are being used as bioenergy to heat homes in Sweden.

Rabbit overpopulation has led government officials in Stockholm, Sweden to "recycle" the bodies of dead rabbits as fuel for energy plants. The overpopulation is caused by an increase of private citizens releasing pet rabbits into city parks and gardens, where they speedily multiply and ravage local vegetation. For Swedish animal-control authorities, the obvious solution is to shoot the excess rabbits, freeze them, and ship them to a heating plant in the country's interior. Local animal-rights activists are denouncing the government's answer to the overpopulation issue, arguing that it turns animals into an industry, instead of persecuting irresponsible pet guardians.

Veganism is Stunting Growth of Camel-Milk Industry

Consumers increasingly choosing plant-based milk alternatives is limiting the growth of the camel-milk industry.
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New Vegan Eatery Shares Profits with Employees

The Red Lunchbox in Halifax, Nova Scotia is good for the animals and fair to its workers.
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Real Housewives Star Throws Vegan Dinner Party

Porsha Williams' plant-based feast, complete with copious amounts of alcohol, was lit AF.
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Vegan Wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year

A moving image of Pikin the gorilla and her rescuer taken by photographer Jo-Anne McArthur was chosen among 50,000 applicants.
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Meatless Product-Launches Increase by 451 Percent

New data shows that UN naming 2016 the International Year of the Pulses is driving the growth of legume-based meat replacers in Europe.
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