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A new blog takes on the challenge to cook through 1,000 Vegan Recipes.

In a cruelty-free spin on the popular book and film Julie & Julia, six vegan bloggers are cooking their way through Robin Robertson's new cookbook, 1,000 Vegan RecipesThe blog, which was started on October 17, has covered six recipes so far, including Tempeh Satay, Roasted Vegetable Strudel, and Pear Fritters with Caramel Sauce. Robertson's cookbook was released on October 5, and true to its name, features 1,000 veg recipes spanning everything from appetizers to desserts. According to the blog's authors, the point of this cooking challenge isn't to complete every recipe, but to have fun making as many veg-friendly dishes as possible.

Dog Meat Sale Banned in Bali

The Balinese government issued a decree to ban the sale of dog meat thanks to the efforts of animal-rights organization Animals Australia.
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88-Year-Old Vegan Climbs Kilimanjaro

Colorado resident Fred Distelhorst may have set a world record as the oldest person to ever ascend one of the world’s highest peaks.
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Milk Can Now Be Advertised as Inhumane in UK

In a landmark decision, the UK Advertising Standards Agency ruled in favor of Go Vegan World's "Humane Milk is a Myth" campaign.
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Quorn Launches Meatless Taco Tour in Portland

The company's taco trailer hops around Rip City to bring free vegan tacos to street corners, softball games, and community events.
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Vegan Beyond Burger Expands to 600 Kroger Stores

The plant-based patty triples its distribution and is now available in the meat aisle in 1,300 stores nationwide.
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