Welcome to the just-launched, VegNews VIP membership! This is your opportunity to join us as a top-tier reader of VegNews, and we can’t wait to shower you with vegan perks, deals, inside scoop, and so much more. So just what are these VIP perks?

Become a VegNews VIP!

1 Automatic Entry Into Product Giveaways

Here at VegNews, we share lots of vegan giveaways with our readers. As a VegNews VIP, you’ll be automatically entered into every single one! That means there’s no need to keep track of the latest product giveaway—we’ve got you covered.

2 VIP Discounts on Our Favorite Brands

We all love a great deal, but VegNews’ deals are the very best. We team up with today’s most exciting (and delicious) vegan brands, and make sure you get in all on all of it. 

3 One Year of VegNews Magazine

Get four issues of our award-winning print magazine delivered to your mailbox. Each issue is filled with the very best in plant-based recipes, news, travel, beauty, products, and so much more.

4 Bonus Issue of VegNews Magazine

As a VIP, we’re going to send you a 5th bonus issue as part of your VegNews subscription. That’s just the way we roll!


5 One Year of VegNews Digital

In addition to enjoying our magazine in print, you’ll have complimentary, 24/7 access to our VegNews Digital Edition. Love cooking from your tablet or phone? You’ll have all of our recipes at your fingertips anytime you’re ready to hit the kitchen. 

6 Monthly VIP-Only Newsletter

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you as a cherished VegNews VIP Member, so you’re going to receive a monthly, private newsletter from VegNews’ publisher and co-founder Colleen Holland. Colleen will give you the inside scoop on VegNews, share VIP-only vegan deals, announce our VegNews VIP giveaway winners, and so much more.

Become a VegNews VIP!

7Access to 50+ Back Issues of VegNews

Did we mention that you will also have access to 50+ back issues of VegNews? Years of reading pleasure await you, including hundreds and hundreds of editor-tested recipes.

8 FREE Downloadable Guides

We love to create fun, downloadable guides for our readers, and we want to make sure our VIPs get all of them. And this includes a free downloadable copy of our annual VegNews Vegan Holiday Cookbook. You’ll receive private links inside your VIP Newsletter each month. 


9 Advance Notice of VegNews Events and Vacations

If you’ve ever traveled with us on a VegNews Vacation (Thailand or Paris, perhaps?) or attended a swanky VegNews event, you know our in-person experiences sell out fast. But guess what? As a VegNews VIP, you’ll be the first to know about all of these. So there’s no need to stress about missing out on that hot ticket—it’s yours for the taking!

10 Being Part of an Exclusive Club

We are so grateful for all of our readers, but our VegNews VIPs hold a special place in our heart. Not only are you supporting independent media (thank you!), you’re going to receive the ultimate vegan red carpet treatment. And if you’re already a current subscriber to VegNews, we’ll apply the remaining issues to your VIP membership!

Become a VegNews VIP!

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Become a VegNews VIP for exclusive vegan deals, inside scoop, and perks galore!