Meat Brand Invests $8.8 Million in Cultured-Meat Pioneer

Switzerland’s leading meat processor Bell Food Group co-led the most recent capital funding round for Mosa Meat, a pioneering clean-meat company that plans to debut its first slaughter-free product by 2021. 



53-Year-Old Vegan Runner Sets Fastest Known Time for 310-Mile Race

Catra Corbett and her companion animal completed California’s Muir Ramble Route in seven days.



Safeway Debuts Its Own 7-Flavor Vegan Ice Cream Line

The grocery chain adds almond- and cashew-milk based ice cream pints to its Open Nature brand.



Pamela Anderson Condemns US Opposition to Breastfeeding Resolution

The vegan activist has penned a letter to the World Health Organization to expose dairy-industry backed opposition to the global breastfeeding resolution.



Costco Ditches Hot Dogs to Make Room for Vegan Options

The big-box retailer is revamping its food court menus with new options such as a breakfast açaí bowl and meatless el pastor salad.



Meat Industry Averages Two Amputations Per Week

Workers in the meat industry are three times more likely to suffer amputations, fractures, burns, and head trauma than the average American worker.

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GLOW Actress Kate Nash Goes Vegan

The musician/actress—who portrays Rhonda Richardson on the female-centric wrestling series—transitioned from vegetarian to vegan to benefit her mental health.

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Today's Top Stories

India Shuts Down 129-Year-Old Military Dairy Farms

The closing of India’s military dairy farms will free up 20,000 acres of land and more than 25,000 cows.


Today's Top Stories

Six Vegan Drag Queens Raise Funds for Animals

Honey LaBronx and vegan friends will take the stage in Los Angeles this week to raise money for VegFest Los Angeles and animal sanctuary Kindred Spirits Care Farm.


Today's top stories

Nestlé Files Patent for Dairy-Free Baby Formula

The global food company developed a potato protein-based formula without cow’s milk, casein, and whey.


Today's Top Stories

Rescued Cow Receives State-of-the-Art Prosthetic Brace


Today's Top Stories

Pilot Program Circumvents China’s Animal Testing Law


Today's Top Stories

Filipino Night Market Returns to SF with Vegan Options

Daly City-based Nick’s Kitchen will bring its plant-based sisig, lumpia, and eggless flan to meat-heavy Undiscovered SF, San Francisco’s largest (and only) Filipino night market.


Today's top stories

Shipping Container Transforms Into Vegan Ice Cream Shop

Toronto’s Beach neighborhood is now home to the world’s first tigernut milk-based ice cream shop serving cones and sundaes drenched in dairy-free sauces and topped with cookies and sprinkles.


Today's top stories

Electricity Company Obtains Vegan Certification

British company Ecotricity is certified by the Vegan Society for its ”green” energy that—unlike some clean energy companies—does not source from animal waste.

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One in Five British Festival-Goers Wants Vegan Food


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Evanna Lynch to Launch Vegan Beauty Subscription Box


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3D Vegan Ice Cream Now at Starbucks


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Vegan Sandwich Vending Machines Coming to UK


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Air New Zealand’s Meatless Burger Pisses Off Beef Industry


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Dairy Giant Gains Majority Stake in Vegan Milk Brand

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