Have a plant-based product you want to share with the world? You’ve come to the right place. Let VegNews connect your brand with our highly engaged audience of plant-based enthusiasts who live and breathe the veg lifestyle. With a flagship national magazine (the best-selling vegan publication in the country), award-winning website, thriving social media community, a wildly popular book, a podcast, and dynamic in-person events, no where will you find a better advertising value than VegNews. We offer print and digital ad campaigns, giveaways, branded recipes, contest partnerships, custom content, and so much more. We want to see vegan brands thrive and can’t wait to be part of your success!


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Director of Brand Partnerships,
West Coast

Laurie Bradley
P 503.293.NEWS (6397)


Director of Brand Partnerships,
Western US

Tanya Flink
P 949.939.7335


Director of Brand Partnerships,
Eastern US

Jill Bernard
P 916.764.4034

VegNews is a glossy magazine that is a mix of People and Real Simple for the meatless set.


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#139 2024 Summer Issue
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