VegNews welcomes freelance pitches and is open to all ideas related to the plant-based lifestyle. Help us dazzle VegNews readers with the most scintillating meat-free content, which all starts with a great pitch. We have a wonderful, highly skilled network of contributors and provide an amazing writing and editing experience. Here’s how to make it happen!

A few tips for getting published in VegNews:

1. Know the VegNews brand

Read it, study it, learn it, know it. Get a sense of where your writing will fit in best, and pitch us your vision. Do you live in a hidden vegan paradise and are interested in penning a travel piece, or do you have a great idea for a compelling feature story? Please familiarize yourself with our brand and content, in both the magazine and online.

2. Keep your pitches concise

Tease us with your tantalizing ideas, and we’ll come running. Sadly, we just don’t have the time to read 10-page story ideas (but thank you for your enthusisam!). Please note that we never publish unsolicited pieces.

3. Communicate via email

We are always connected, and email is our preferred method of communication for initial pitches. Our team receives hundreds of writing inquiries every week and will get back to you as quickly as we can. Whether you are a seasoned or aspiring writer, there are many areas freelancers can contribute to VegNews, including:

  • Travel
  • Recipes
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Interviews
  • Features
  • News stories

Many contributions to VegNews are paid. In addition to working with a top-notch team of editors, as a VegNews contributor, you’ll also receive a few perks:

  • The opportunity to be published in an award-winning magazine and/or website
  • A tear sheet of the published work for your portfolio
  • A complimentary subscription for you or someone you love
  • Instant cred in the veg community
  • The opportunity for future paid writing assignments

We can’t wait to hear your amazing story ideas! When submitting your pitch, please include your portfolio or links to published stories. THANK YOU!


Pitch our editorial team here:


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#138 2023 Best of Vegan Issue
#138 2023 Best of Vegan Issue

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