Raw Vegan Swedish Truffles {Recipe}

Healthy and delicious, this snack is perfect for special occasions.

We’re loving these vegan Swedish chocolate balls because they’re are a super-easy, no-bake recipe that is ready in minutes. Espresso and coconut flakes make this dessert even sweeter, while the pink pitaya powder gives this dessert some magical color.

Serves 6

What You Need:
For the balls:
5 tablespoons espresso
1 cup rolled oats
½ cup shredded coconut
1 cup almond flour
9 ripe medjool dates
2 tablespoon carob flour
2 tablespoons melted coconut oil
3 tablespoons raw cacao powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons maple or agave syrup

For the toppings:
¼ cup grated bitter chocolate
4 teaspoons pitaya powder

What You Do:

1. Make espresso, and let cool for 10 minutes.

2. For the balls, into a food processor, place all ingredients, add espresso, and mix on high until completely smooth.

3. Form into balls and roll into grated chocolate and pitaya powder.

4. Place balls in the freezer for 1 hour and serve cold.

Photo courtesy of Nazlı Günaydın

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