Vegan in Montréal

Montréal, the "Paris of North America," has beaucoup to offer visitors of the veg persuasion.

Montreal is an herbivore's dream, brimming with delightful cafés, charming farmers' markets, scenic parks, seasonal festivals and street fairs, and more than a dozen vegetarian restaurants. Autumn is the perfect time to visit; the heat has given way to mild temperatures, the leaves explode in a symphony of color, and the city's social calendar is still on hyper drive.

Other veg-friendly must-visit destinations in the province of Quebec's largest city include:

  1. Tea time at Camellia Sinensis
    351 Emery
  2. Chocolate truffles at Café Blue Monday
    4424 Wellington
  3. An autumn picnic at the top of Parc du Mont-Royal
  4. Vegan ice-cream at Cremerie Meu-Meu
    4458 Rue Saint-Denis
  5. A lively meal at Spirite Lounge
    1201 Rue Ontario East
  6. An amazing organic meal at Restaurant Bio Terre
    201 Rue Saint-Viateur West


Parlez Français!

A little French will take you a long way in Montreal. These basics are a great start.

S'il vous plait—please
Merci—thank you
Végétalien—vegan (no animal products or by-products)
Végétarien—vegetarian (may include dairy, eggs, honey and sometimes even fish. Ask!)
Bio—the French abbreviation for "biologique," pronounced "bee-oh-lo-jeek," which means organic

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