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Gary Danko Nixes Frog Legs

Popular high-end eatery Gary Danko announces that it will remove frog legs from its menu.

In an effort to move towards more environmentally sustainable business practices, San Francisco-based gourmet restaurant Gary Danko has announced it will remove frog legs from its menu. The change was prompted by a global movement to protect amphibians from extinction by phasing out the dish from restaurants around the world, and it coincides with animal-rights group Saves the Frogs second annual Save the Frogs Day. Researchers estimate that more than 100 million frogs are removed from the wild annually for food production. In addition to human consumption, amphibians are at risk due to habitat loss and pollution.

Vegan Senator Cory Booker Launches Podcast

The senator launched his Lift Every Voice podcast on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to elevate the voices of activists fighting for social justice.
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Danone Shuts Down its Milk Business in India

The French company—which recently acquired plant-based brands Silk, So Delicious, and Vega—discontinued its non-profitable dairy line in India to focus on more nutritional products.
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Will Algae Be the Hottest New Plant-Based Protein?

San Diego scientists believe a strain of wild algae will be a sustainable way to feed plant-based protein to the growing global population.
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Miyoko's Kitchen Debuts Three Vegan Pub Cheeses

The artisanal vegan cheese brand is stepping into the new year with new packaging and a line of new flavors.
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Ben & Jerry's Debuts Two New Vegan Ice Cream Flavors

Non-dairy pints now comprise 20 percent of the iconic ice cream brand's products thanks to the addition of two vegan versions of fan-favorite flavors.
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