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Leonardo DiCaprio for Animals

Leonardo DiCaprio sponsors IFAW Animal Action Week.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the spokesperson for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Animal Action Week, which runs from October 4 to October 10. IFAW, for which DiCaprio is an honorary board member, has run Animal Action Week for the past 18 years as a way of introducing and educating children about different animal-welfare and conservation issues. This year, IFAW Animal Action Week is focusing on the endangerment and potential extinction of tigers in the wild due to habitat destruction and poaching. Through their educational materials, IFAW reaches an estimated five million children each year.

Party Drug "Special K" Found in "100% Natural" Chicken

USDA investigation uncovers a host of illegal drugs and antibiotics in birds slaughtered by the third largest chicken producer in the US.
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Veganism in the US Grows by 600% Since 2014

American consumers who identify as vegan now comprise six percent of the population, up from only one percent in three years.
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Punk Rock Drummer Rolls Out Vegan Food Truck

David Witte from thrash band Municipal Waste will be serving vegan cheese-slathered chimichangas streetside in Richmond, VA.
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Vegan Cinnamon Roll Shop to Open in Pennsylvania

Cruelty-free bakery Cinnaholic will bring its DIY cinnamon rolls to Lancaster county in July.
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Target Pulls Hampton Creek Off Shelves

The retail giant disabled registers to discourage shoppers from purchasing the company's vegan condiment Just Mayo, and 19 other products.
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