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Shark-fin Protests

San Francisco Conservation groups protest shark-finning.

SF Appeal reported that San Francisco conservation groups and individuals are protesting shark-finners who harvest the fins of a shark, usually leaving the de-finned sharks to perish in the ocean. Shark fins are valued at approximately $500 per pound in San Francisco, and the fins are considered a cultural delicacy for high-end meals celebrating special events. The article quotes Aquarium of the Bay’s Christina Slager, who said “I think it would be easier to rally people if they were cutting fins off dolphins because of that whole charismatic animal thing.” The article also points to a Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA) study that found shark fin mercury levels above the safe levels of consumption.

Beyond Meat to Debut Beyond Breakfast Sausages

The company behind the Beyond Burger will debut plant-based breakfast patties this fall.
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World's First Vegan Chicken Shop Opens Convenience Store

London's Temple of Seitan opened café and convenience store Temple Goods in Hackney Downs Studios, where an all-vegan market takes place every Saturday.
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Vegan Coffee Shop Thrives in "Steak Country"

Amateur Coffee's vegan drinks, milks, and waffles are luring curious customers in meat-centric Omaha, Nebraska.
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Vegan French Macaron Shop Opens in New Orleans

New dessert shop Mac and Moon sells "Karmacarons," rolled vegan ice cream, chocolate-covered strawberries, and fresh fruit tarts.
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Kroger Launches Vegan Recipe Contest

Food Network chef Ellie Krieger will choose the winning recipe, and prizes include $1,000 cash, a Vitamix, and more.
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