Traffic Jam: The Week Ending October 14

This week, the VN editors give you the best of the internet—five links (and one tweet!) at a time.

1. Some crazy gastronomical geniuses decided to give their diners—who were a mix of omnivore and veg—the same meal … well, visually at least. The photos are pretty spectacular.

2. “I’m not kidding you. That’s Champs [pointing to Google Maps] and that’s where I used to live [pointing three blocks away]. I could have had a Monte Cristo sandwich!”—Associate Editor Jennifer Chen at the news of Champs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn going from bakery to vegan diner. Sorry Jennifer—you’re stuck with San Francisco and its new vegetarian Thai restaurant.

3. The wholesome snack that smiles back has been veganized by Chloe Coscarelli, and it looks good. Now, who’s going to veganize Cheez-Its for us? No really, it needs to happen. Now.

4. It’s a dog. Cuddling. With a baby. Did we mention that the dog is probably 10 times the size of the baby? And the baby has a hat on?

5. And for our Tweet of the Week, the Bronx Zoo Cobra buries the hatchet with an old rival: “Hey @SamuelLJackson, I just wanted to welcome you to Twitter. And I hope that we can put that unfortunate plane incident behind us.”—@BronxZoosCobra

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