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US Food Safety Makes Progress

A progress report from the president’s Food Safety Working Group shows improvements nationwide.

A new report from President Obama’s Food Safety Working Group, formed in 2009 after a deadly salmonella outbreak contaminated more than 30 million pounds of peanut products across the US, reveals the government is making progress in securing the nation’s food safety. The progress report details a number of FSWG’s initiatives and accomplishments, including implementation of an egg-safety rule, new testing requirements for poultry, and ban of six additional strains of E. coli bacteria from the nation’s food system. Consumer education, more food-safety rules, and collaboration between the government and the food industry are some of FSWG’s goals for the upcoming year. One in every six Americans is affected by foodborne illness each year.

Avocados That Last 50 Percent Longer Debut at Costco

The popular toast-topper is wrapped in an organic plant-based preservation skin made by tech company Apeel Sciences.
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80-Year-Old Food Brand Goes Vegan

Heritage Health Food plans to transition its entire brand to be free of animal products by 2019 and launch innovative new vegan foods geared to mainstream markets.
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Canada's Senate Passes Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act

Cruel cosmetic testing on animals may soon become a thing of the past in Canada.
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Month-Long Vegan Festival Kicks Off in London

V For festival will hosts events featuring vegan food, cruelty-free fashion, art, and fitness throughout the month of August.
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Vegan Cheese Sales Spike by 45 Percent in 52 Weeks

Consumer research firm Nielsen reveals new consumer statistics, including that African-Americans are 48 percent more likely than the average American consumer to purchase vegan food.
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