5 Ways to Get Your Juice On

Drink up with these tips for tapping into this tasty trend.

Once exclusively the domain of health-conscious hippies and raw foodists, juicing has burst onto the mainstream diet scene, fueled by media hype, masterful marketing, and celebrity endorsements—Gwyneth Paltrow and vegan actress Alicia Silverstone are known fans, and Salma Hayek even co-founded her own juice-cleanse company. With spring in full bloom, there’s no better time to embrace the abundant arrival of seasonal produce with a refreshing, body-boosting beverage. Check out these five tricks for getting your juice fix.

Venture Out
Juice bars aren’t just for college towns anymore: New liquid locales have been flooding city streets. Last November, New York magazine documented the recent surge in Manhattan’s juice bars, citing hot spots such as Organic Avenue and The Juice Press, along with One Lucky Duck, founded by the owner of vegan haute-dining institution Pure Food and Wine. Across the country in Los Angeles, newer bars such as Pressed Juicery, Liquid Juice Bar, and Moon Juice are quenching the thirst of the Hollywood set one green drink at a time. Even national companies are clamoring to catch a piece of the latest foodie fad: In March, colossal coffee-chain Starbucks opened its first Evolution Fresh juice bar in a suburb of Seattle, with more locations expected to follow.

Stay In
With the recent advent of food-delivery services peddling everything from tequila to tacos, it was only a matter of time before juice companies hopped on board. Urban dwellers across the country can now get fresh-pressed goodness delivered right to their doorstep, making nourishing drinks a few effortless clicks away. San Franciscans can turn to companies such as Juice to You and Living Greens for home-delivered drinks. Juice lovers in Austin can order from The Juice Spot, while Windy City residents can get their juices flowing courtesy of Chicago’s Juice Rx, and thirsty Denver locals can drink up with Source Juice Co. Don’t live in a major city? National juice-delivery services such as Fresh Juice Delivery and BluePrintCleanse can ship their precious perishables anywhere in the country.

Consult the Experts
Juicing has been sneaking into cookbooks for some time, but it’s beginning to take center stage as more books touting the wonders of plant-based drinks hit the shelves. Best-selling author Kris Carr, the brains behind vegan wellness site Crazy Sexy Life, encourages readers to harness the medicinal powers of a juicing regime in her new e-book Crazy Sexy Juices and Succulent Smoothies, a comprehensive juicing primer complete with 60 recipes. Mainstream magazines are also bringing juice to the masses—Martha Stewart’s Whole Living recently proposed a juice-heavy dietary detox featuring refreshing blends such as carrot, apple, and mint.

Go Green
Chances are if you’ve tuned into daytime TV at all this year, you’ve heard of green juice, that murky, healthful beverage that contains a veritable cornucopia of nutrient-packed produce. Oprah and her protégé Dr. Oz swear by the stuff—upon trying Dr. Oz’s favorite green drink, the media powerhouse proclaimed it was “a glass of fresh”—and the emerald elixir may even dethrone kombucha as the reigning king of wonder drinks. Recipes vary, but often include ingredients such as apples, pineapple, lemon, and kiwi, along with veggies such as kale, parsley, spinach, and broccoli, which give the drink its signature hue.

Juice It Yourself
Forget recipes and recommendations. Channel the spirit of infomercial juicing champ Jack LaLanne and create some concoctions of your own. There’s an expanding array of home juicers on the market that can fulfill a range of functions. Centrifugal juicers, which extract juice using a rotating shredder, are generally the most popular and affordable, but tend to be less effective for juicing leafy greens. Masticating juicers, which produce juice by squeezing produce through powerful gears, are pricier but more efficient, and preserve more nutrients because they don’t generate enzyme-destroying heat or friction. Plus, home juicing can be thrifty way to give your body some liquid love—buying fresh produce on the cheap allows you to avoid the sometimes outrageous prices of prepared products.

Whether you’re looking to cleanse your body of toxins or just cleanse your palate between meals, incorporating more fresh juice into your dietary routine is an easy way to boost your intake of vitamins and nutrients. The rapid advancement of this trend means there’s now a host of resources to fit any lifestyle, so take your pick and take a sip!

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