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Scientists: Halve Meat Consumption to Fight Global Warming

A new study says the developed world needs to eat half as much meat to curb nitrous oxide emissions.

Keeping in line with recent studies that point to the harmful environmental impact of the meat industry, new research suggests that reducing the demand for meat may play a serious role in curbing the effects of global warming. According to scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center, the developed world needs to cut its meat consumption by 50 percent in order to stabilize emissions of nitrous oxide—the biggest man-made contributor to the hole in the ozone. Additionally, because nitrous oxide is a byproduct of the nitrogen found in manure and fertilizers, researchers say the meat industry needs to modify current agricultural systems to use nitrogen more efficiently. Nitrous oxide is the third most dangerous greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide and methane, both of which are also released in meat production.

Canada Gets Its First Vegan Vending Machine

The grab-and-go machine, housed inside of a sports center, will be restocked daily with freshly prepared meals and snacks prepared by British Colombia-based eatery The Green Moustache Organic Café.
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Anthony Bourdain Says Plant Foods Help End World Hunger

The chef is critical of the Impossible Burger—which he has not sampled—but understands the world-changing effects of replacing animal foods with plant-based protein.
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France Bans Use of "Meat" for Plant-Based Products

Plant-based food companies in France will now face a $370,000 fine for using "meat," "sausage," "bacon," or any other term legislators have deemed is connected to meat marketing.
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Israeli Salami Brand Debuts Vegan Meat Line

Food company Soglowek will donate 20 percent of its profits from the new plant-based line to support the efforts of SuperMeat—an Israeli company working to develop slaughter-free meat.
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Vegan Burger Bar Pops Up for Earth Day

Earthie's Drive Thru is planting a tree for every Impossible Burger they sell.
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