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Spork Foods Helps Bring Vegan Menus to UCLA Campus

The vegan sisters and professional cooks are helping the college’s dining team create vegan offerings.

The University of California Los Angeles has long been a vegetarian-friendly school—the campus participates in both Meatless Mondays and the self-organized Beefless Thursdays—but its vegan food is getting a major re-vamp. UCLA’s Executive Chef Roger Pigozzi recently asked vegan sisters Heather Goldberg and Jenny Engel, who run the wildly popular LA-based vegan cooking school Spork Foods, to help them improve their vegan offerings via chef training. In order to better understand UCLA’s vegan population, Pigozzi also required his executive management team to eat vegan for one week.

Photo: Lauren Virdone

Mena Suvari Has Vegan Epiphany at Moby's Restaurant

The newly vegan actress felt like an "a**hole" for bringing a leather handbag to Little Pine and has since veganized her closet.
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Pittsburgh Gets Its First Vegan Ice Cream Shop

Vegan cone and cake shop Sugar Spell Scoops will sell cashew-based scoops and whimsical unicorn cakes in the Sharpsburg borough in June.
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Meat Company Finds Americans Are Afraid of Hot Dogs

Meat brand Applegate finds that 47 percent of consumers are scared to discover the ingredients in hot dogs, while 24 percent of millennials never purchase them.
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Kat Von D Debuts 10th Anniversary Vegan Beauty Line

The animal activist launched a limited-edition, golden-hued vegan makeup collection inspired by her mother, husband, and other muses.
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Missouri Passes Bill Limiting Meat Labels to Dead Animals

Those in opposition to the bill—which purports it is alleviating consumer confusion around plant-based products—believe its passing is wrongly motivated by eliminating meat-industry competition.
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