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New York Carriage Horses Spark Cruelty Outcry

After multiple collapses and a collision with a vehicle, advocates are calling for a ban on urban carriages.

Although animal-welfare activists have been calling for an end to New York City’s horse-drawn carriages for years, recent events have given new vigor to the movement. Three horses collapsed on city streets (two later died) over the course of only six weeks in late 2011, and on Thursday, a six-year-old horse named Oreo collided with a moving vehicle near Central Park. The frightened animal broke free of its carriage and galloped up Broadway, endangering itself and citizens and sparking alarm about the true risks of the tourism-driven industry. Advocacy group New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets responded to the incident by pressing for a solution to the ongoing issue, suggesting that the horse carriages be replaced with eco-friendly vintage replica automobiles.

$4 Trillion Investor Firm Warns Meat Tax is Inevitable

A group of influential investors warn colleagues that meat will soon carry a sin tax similar to tobacco, sugar, and carbon.
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Hollywood Writer Demands Vegan Dog Food at Shelters

Law & Order screenwriter hopes his proposal to feed dogs vegan kibble for optimal health is adopted by shelters across Los Angeles.
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Vegan Cheese Market to Be Worth $4 Million by 2024

Demand for dairy-free cheeses due to health and animal welfare concerns will drive substantial growth in the vegan cheese industry.
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Factory Farm Workers Routinely Denied Bathroom Breaks

Congressional watchdog group US Government Accountability Office releases a report that shows inhumane treatment of workers at factory farms across the country.
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Vegan Ice Cream Brand Raises $4 Million to Expand

Austin-based NadaMoo! secures new funding to help expand the national footprint of its coconut milk-based ice cream.
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